Whitney and bre catfish lied to meet

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whitney and bre catfish lied to meet

Sep 21, Catfish, meet ghost: In a truly unique episode from season 5, season 4's Whitney and Bre's love story seemed pretty typical for the show: They'd The glass eye: There are certain things you expect on Catfish: Lies, family. Apr 16, What may be the most shocking episode of "Catfish" takes place tonight as Nev Whitney says that she met Bre on a website called DownLink. They realize that Bre is lying about the Wifi connectivity and also finds out that. Apr 15, Read on for the details of Whitney & Bre on an episode of MTV's TV show Whitney & Bre on 'Catfish': 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know . When Nev and Max meet back up with Whitney, they have a big discussion about lying.

Nev then essentially says that if Bre turns out to be the twerking Twitter user, things might still work out for her and Whitney since the Bre they've seen is, by their estimation, conventionally attractive.

I mean, I'm paraphrasing, but as always that's pretty much the gist. Max isn't so sure: Kash does not know any Whitney, but she confirms that Bre is "a close friend" of hers.

She also confirms that Bre used her photos on Downelink, the site on which Bre and Whitney met, because Bre didn't want anyone to know what she looked like, but Kash sounds like she was fine with it. Max asks whether Bre ever reported meeting someone on that site, and Kash says Bre was talking to a woman she was really interested in; Kash thinks Bre and this person are Facebook friends. Nev says they haven't been able to find Bre's Facebook profile, so Kash tells them her name there is "Lucious B [lastname].

They look at Bre's friends, assuming they'll find Whitney among them, but they don't. So now we find out why Whitney had to give them her Facebook password as Nev logs in as her to look at her messages.

And sure enough, there are a bunch of messages back and forth between them, including references to getting on Oovoo, as recently as January Do they want to be on TV? Or "They're using us for a plane ticket," as Max correctly, as it turns out surmises. They bring Executive Producer Dave into the mix to ask what he thinks they should do, and he says they "spent a lot of time and money and resources to get here to have somebody lie to us. I don't know about "a lot.

whitney and bre catfish lied to meet

I think there's no episode, stupid? Dave tells them they should go over and take her through what they've found out, the same as they always do, and see how she reacts. Max is excited about letting her "squirm a little bit," but adds that if it turns out that this really is a love story and that coming on the show was the only way she could manage an in-person meeting with Bre, then I guess they'll give her what she wants?

Which seems like a bad precedent for the show to set?

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Nev calls Whitney, on speaker, and tries to trap her into saying she's nervous that they'll have figured out her and Bre's subterfuge, which she doesn't. He signs off with this idiotic "Oooooookay! The Presentation Of Findings Whitney is obviously a fan of the show because she does a decent approximation of a wronged party, going on about how she doesn't get why people lie, and then compound matters by telling so many lies they can't keep them straight, at which Max -- almost as bad an actor as Nev -- has to pretend to scratch to hide his smirk.

I personally think this time would have been better spent taking Whitney to a bra store for a proper fitting?

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Because I am also a lady with a deep verandah as my dear wife Sarah's legal husband would put it -- he's from the southand it doesn't matter how big your knockers are: Judging by her face when Max tells her about the persistence of messages, Whitney obviously knows the jig is up then, but when they tell her the messages show that she knew Bre and they definitely did videochat, she denies it for a second, and is about to come up with a story about Lucious B when Max indicates that he's had enough.

Max whines that they've been sitting with Whitney for hours listening to her lie to them, pointing out the irony that she's put them in exactly the position she JUST said she didn't want to be in with Bre; they don't want to air a story if the only reason it exists is that a couple of people were trying to get on TV.

I'm not saying this was a smart way for Bre and Whitney to try to get someone else to pay for a cross-country plane ticket And if you weren't already on their side and against Nev and Max They decide to make Whitney squirm and try to figure out her real motives behind wanting to be on "Catfish. Joseph and Schulman still believe that they are being catfished instead of Whitney.

They meet again and the guys sit down and act like everything is normal. Whitney seems pretty nervous and the funny thing is she says that she only gives the truth and expects the same.

She actually seems pretty nervous but isn't admitting to anything yet. They bring up the Facebook page for Kash and Whitney seems surprised that Bre would lie to her. When they show her photos of the real Bre she still denies knowing who she is. They show Whitney that she has in fact been talking to Bre and Whitney now looks a bit more nervous.

She continues to maintain her lies until finally she admits that Bre set the whole thing up herself and asked Whitney to play along. They lied to the show in order for the two of them to meet. Joseph and Schulman flip the script on Whitney and gave her one last chance to tell the truth. Whitney says she wants to see Bre to make sure that if she does move to LA that they are truly meant to be together.

Money is the key factor in it all and the guys still need some time to figure out what's going to happen from here.

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They will be talking to Bre so that they have both sides of the story to separate a love story from 15 minutes of fame. They actually felt pretty good about Whitney until she lied to them. The point to be made is, do they want to be the ones to deny two people the shot at a real love story or do they go on. To make the decision, they call the real Bre and she admitted to coming up with the plan.

They make it known that they are upset but she insists that she really just wants to meet Whitney in person to see if their relationship is real.

whitney and bre catfish lied to meet

She breaks down on the phone and apologizes to Schulman and Joseph but it's all she could think of. The guys will have the final chat with Whitney and see if it's worth making this all happen. At this point there is no way that MTV, Schulman, Joseph and their producers aren't going to go forth with helping Whitney and Bre meet. Yes they lied, however it looks like they are just two people who are desperate to see each other. That means that there is definitely a love story there.

In the final meeting, Whitney says she felt extremely bad lying to Schulman and Joseph. She apologized to the both of them and told them that she loves Bre.

Whitney & Bre on ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bre is the one person that helped her through tragedy and so much more. Joseph and Schulman will not deny Whitney and Bre a chance to finally met and they choose to bring them together. The journey to the West Coast begins and Whitney is overcome with joy to have the opportunity to meet someone she loves. On a sunny day in California the moment comes and Whitney finally gets to meet Bre.

Bre comes running down to Whitney and the two have an incredible reaction. There is even a big kiss before Schulman and Joseph introduce themselves.

Bre thanks the "Catfish" crew and apologizes at the same time as it looks like the start of something great. Two months later the guys chat with Whitney who tells them that Bre will be on her wait to see Whitney in NY.