When did montezuma and cortes meet

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when did montezuma and cortes meet

Aug 13, When he heard of Cortés's arrival Montezuma refused to meet with the Spaniards , instead sending gifts, offering the tribute that frequently. Oct 10, Montezuma, or more correctly, Motecuhzoma II Xocoyotzin (aka He did not wear his hair long, but so as just to cover his ears, his scanty black . When Cortés and Motecuhzoma finally met in person relations were initially. When Montezuma Met Cortes and millions of other books are available for .. Once the Spaniards did arrive, Montezuma may well have decided to add the.

Moctezuma ordered that he be kept informed of any new sightings of foreigners at the coast and posted extra watch guards to accomplish this.

when did montezuma and cortes meet

As the Spaniards approached Tenochtitlan they made an alliance with the Tlaxcaltecawho were enemies of the Aztec Triple Alliance, and they helped instigate revolt in many towns under Aztec dominion. Moctezuma was aware of this and he sent gifts to the Spaniards, probably in order to show his superiority to the Spaniards and Tlaxcalteca.

Though some indigenous accounts written in the s partly supported his words, it is still unbelievable for several reasons. As Aztec rulers spoke an overly polite language that needed translation for his subjects to understand, it is difficult to find out what Moctezuma really said. According to an indigenous account, he said to Cortes: What Moctezuma really meant could be to assert his own stature and multigenerational legitimacy. Also, according to the Spanish law, the king had no right to demand that foreign peoples become his subjects, but he had every right to bring rebels to heel.

Therefore, to give the Spanish the necessary legitimacy to wage war against the indigenous people, Cortes might just have said what the Spanish king needed to hear.

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Moctezuma continued to govern his empire and even undertook conquests of new territory during the Spaniards' stay at Tenochtitlan. Exactly why this happened is not clear from the extant sources. During his absence, tensions between Spaniards and Aztecs exploded into the Massacre in the Great Templeand Moctezuma became a hostage used by the Spaniards to ensure their security.

The details of his death are unknown, with different versions of his demise given by different sources. Four leaders of the Aztec army met with Moctezuma to talk, urging their countrymen to cease their constant firing upon the stronghold for a time. Regardless of the earlier orders to hold fire, however, the discussion between Moctezuma and the Aztec leaders was immediately followed by an outbreak of violence.

The Aztecs, disgusted by the actions of their leader, renounced Moctezuman and named Cuitlahuac in his place.

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In an effort to pacify his people, and undoubtedly pressured by the Spanish, Moctezuman was struck dead by a rock. Indeed, when we least expected it, they came to say that he was dead. In Book 12 of the twelve-volume Florentine Codexthe account in Spanish and Nahuatl is accompanied by illustrations by natives.

One is of the death of Moctezuma II, which the indigenous assert was due to the Spaniards. According to the Codex, the bodies of Moctezuma and Itzquauhtzin were cast out of the Palace by the Spanish; the body of Moctezuma was gathered up and cremated at Copulco.

Aftermath[ edit ] The Spaniards were forced to flee the city and they took refuge in Tlaxcala, and signed a treaty with them to conquer Tenochtitlan, offering to the Tlaxcalans freedom from any kind of tribute and the control of Tenochtitlan.

He decided to seek fortune and adventure in Hispaniola modern-day Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Moctezuma II

Inhe joined Diego Velasquez's expedition to conquer Cuba. He convinced Velasquez, the governor of Cuba, to let him lead an expedition to Mexico.

when did montezuma and cortes meet

Velasquez canceled the voyage at the last minute. Mexico had been discovered by the Spanish just a year prior, and they were eager to settle it.

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He quickly overpowered them, and the natives surrendered. She actually had a pretty high status for both a woman and a native during this time and place among the Spaniards.

On the southeastern coast he founded Veracruz, where he dismissed the authority of Velasquez and declared himself under orders from King Charles I of Spain. He disciplined his men and trained them to act as a cohesive unit of soldiers. He also burned his ships to make retreat impossible.

when did montezuma and cortes meet

Book illustration by J. The Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, whom they credited with the creation of humans among other notable feats, was set to return to Earth. Montezuma sent out envoys to meet the conquistador as he neared. The Aztecs were fascinated by the Spaniards' light skin and the sight of men on horseback, which they described as beasts with two heads and six legs. The Spanish fired shots, which stunned the natives and further intimidated them. The Spanish army had help in sacking the city.

The Aztecs were in the midst of a full rebellion. That soldier died during the Aztec rebellion, and when his body was looted, an Aztec caught the disease, which spread like wildfire because the Aztec people had no immunity to it.

when did montezuma and cortes meet

They found that the city's society had crumpled.