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tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka meet me in st

But if, for argument's sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be a tragedy." — Ken Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 1 Ken. Meet me in front of the train station tomorrow, , good job Kaneki, funny, text, quote, Touka, Kaneki, clock, time, ; Kaneki X Touka from Tokyo Ghoul Touka Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul, I luv how kaneki calls deadpool deadpool-san >. Kirishima Touka is not the first girl that Kaneki Ken likes, but she's the first Touka teaches him how to make coffee the way Yoshimura-san does, .. "You can always call me Kaneki, Touka-chan." "I see " She mutters, and.

He continued to try and restore Kaneki's memories through conversations, but grew frustrated when the Quinx Squad continued to stop him from doing so. It was shown that he no longer wants to devour Kaneki, and simply sees him as a good friend. When Haise inquired about his past and showed distressed that he would have to abandon his current life when he regained his memories, Tsukiyama understood Touka's words about wishing Kaneki to remain ignorant about his past.

However, when he encountered Haise once again, this time during the Exterminate Tsukiyama Operation, he expressed sadness, and finally realized that Haise Sasaki and Ken Kaneki are not one of the same, even claiming, during their battle, that he does not know a single thing about "Mr. Tsukiyama expresses overjoy, and also some sadness that Kaneki recalls his tragic past, and gladly takes his place beside him as they try to find Banjou and rescue Hinami. He also shows worry about his friend, seeing as how he learned that one of his subordinates had died during the operation.

Kanae Rosenwald At first, Kaneki was unaware of her existence up until the Auction Raid, where they first met each other. Kanae views him with open hostility, seeing him as the one responsible for Tsukiyama's fall into depression.

At first, she chose to withheld this information from Tsukiyama, despite knowing that it would bring joy to her master's tears, but after discussing the topic with Chie Hori, she held no choice in the matter, and revealed Kaneki's survival.

Her jealousy towards Kaneki skyrocketed when Tsukiyama had made a near instantaneous recovery, where she had been trying for nearly three years. Eventually, she tried to have him, and the Quinx Squad, killed, only for this to fail, and was left injured by Urie. This would leave her exploited by Eto, who would use her in the Exterminate Tsukiyama Operation.

Kanae still regarded him with hostility, even planning to kill Sasaki when granted the opportunity, though her actions, alongside Eto's, had inadvertably led to Kaneki's "awakening," having slept for three years.

She was quickly overwhelmed, having been severely injured as a result, and was left unable to participate any further. She expressed surprised when Kaneki saved her and Tsukiyama, though he claimed that it was because she was Tsukiyama's most 'precious person,' much to her shock.

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Before she is able to say anything more, however, Kaneki warns her that, if she tries anything ever again, he will half-kill her in order to get his point across. Currently, she works alongside him in his goal to destroy Aogiri, though her battle with him has left her somewhat scarred, leaving her confused as to whether or not he is really the same Ken Kaneki that Tsukiyama considers a friend.

Hinami Fueguchi In Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki quickly became attached to Hinami, playing the role of the "elder brother" of sorts, teaching her how to read kanji.

Vice versa, Hinami also became attached to him, calling him "onii-chan," much like how she refers to Touka as "onee-chan. She was also apart of the mission to save Kaneki from Aogiri Tree, acting as support alongside Irimi, where she quickly excelled in her task, despite it being her first time. Alongside Tsukiyama and Banjou and his gang, Hinami joined Kaneki's group.

She had various interactions with the other members of the group, notably Tsukiyama, who taught her the meaning of the flowers' names and colors and characteristics. She also expressed worry about her brother figure, especially when he left to go save Yoshimura. This was shown when Hinami appeared to save him from Takizawa, after having heard his screams from being tortured. She had also willingly allowed herself to be captured in the aftermath by Sasaki, apparently trusting in him.

This, however, led to Sasaki becoming troubled over his own past, but came to the fact that, perhaps, his original self may not have been a bad person if he was remembered so fondly by Hinami. The bond between the two came to an all-time high when Kaneki infiltrated Cochlea alongside Tsukiyama and Kanae to rescue her, which was done successfully thanks to his knowledge of the facility, down from it's weakpoints to it's reinforcements since the previous attack on the prison.

She was quick to notice that something seemed off about him, but nonetheless, she still seems him as her brother, and sheds tears when he calls her "Hinami-chan," the same name he used when he still had his memories.

Touka Kirishima Before his transformation, he was indifferent towards her. After turning to a ghoul, he is beaten up by Touka, who was confused to see a half-ghoul and refused to show any compassion to him, as he is a former human. When Kaneki joins Anteiku, she bosses him around and shows little patience for his mistakes and lack of knowledge of ghoul related affairs, much to his dismay. However, their relationship improves after he assists her in avenging Ryouko's death.

She becomes friendlier towards him, though she still maintains a tough attitude towards him. Kaneki in turn views her as someone important to him and tries to put her out of harm's way. He responds aggressively to someone who has hurt her, shown when he breaks Ayato's bones for hurting Touka, holding back from killing him because doing so would hurt Touka more. As Sasaki, he seems to experience a sense of deja vu when meeting her and behaves in a distracted fashion.

The taste of the coffee she makes him brings him to tears, and he thinks of her as someone that is very beautiful. After having regained his memories, Kaneki, similar to how he acted after having been tortured by Yamori, has begun to avoid her, though when confronted by Yomo about this, he states it is because that, if she were to see him as he is now, she would not see him as the "Ken Kaneki that she once knew," claiming that he has changed, but not for the better.

Unbeknownst to him, however, Touka overhears this, and after he leaves, tells Yomo that Kaneki was wrong about changing. Although rudely doing so, she remarks that Kaneki is still the same as ever, choosing to take the burdens upon himself, and resolves to help him however she can. Nishiki Nishio At the beginning, Nishiki starts enmity toward Kaneki just because he thought that Kaneki was invading his feeding ground, and as the way he shows his strength to weaker ghouls. After helping him rescue his girlfriend in the Gourmet Arc, he became more like a close friend to Kaneki.

When he was taken by Aogiri, Nishiki showed concern for his well-being and wanted to rescue him. When they met again as enemies, Haise subconsciously recognized him when his mask fell off, triggering an outburst as he temporarily lost control of his kagune, indicating that Nishio was an acquaintance of his former self. Their encounter sparked the mental struggle for dominance between Haise and his former self and has caused Haise to reflect on his position at the CCG.

After Kaneki 'awakens' from his three-year slumber, the two encounter each other once again, shortly after they rescued Hinami. Nishiki expresses surprise, noting that his hair looks awful like the rest of him, though Kaneki says that the same could be said about Nishiki when they met last time, seeing as how he had brutally wounded him the last time. Nishiki expresses joy that Kaneki has returned, but also feels slightly saddened that he returned to the Ghoul world, and chose to leave his life in the CCG behind, remembering how close he seemed to the Quinx Squad.

Kaneki has a habit of touching his chin with his left hand when he's hiding something. Hide was the one who told Touka about it. Kaneki was ranked second in the latest character popularity poll, while Haise Sasaki came third. Kaneki likes reading, beautiful language, intellectual women, and hamburgers. Beginning with the Aogiri arc, Kaneki has been repeatedly associated with the number "12" in panels.

Kaneki's finger cracking was inherited from his torturer Yakumo Oomori.

Ken Kaneki

When asked about Kaneki's battle suit, Ishida Sui suggested that Tsukiyama made it for him. As Sasaki, he has a RC level ofwhich is the highest compared to the other members of the Quinx Squad.

In the sequel, he briefly discusses Kafka's A Crossbreed with Arima -- another story with strong parallels to his situation. The golden osmanthus is also known as the orange fragrant olive, a flower associated with Kaneki due to being alternate readings of the same kanji.

tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka meet me in st

He has been given several nicknames by his subordinates in the Quinx. Shirazu refers to him as "Sassan", while Saiko affectionately refers to him as "Maman" -- French for "Mama".

While in disguise as a woman, he jokingly refers to himself as "Sasako". This is a sudden whitening of the hair, caused by extreme stress or emotional trauma and named for the last Queen of France, whose hair turned white during the imprisonment prior to her execution. When they meet at the book signing, Eto briefly discusses this with him. The relationship between Sasaki and Kaneki is akin to that of Kaneki and Rize in the past.

Rize would often tempt Kaneki to give in to his Ghoul self, while Kaneki tries to have Sasaki accept him. Both Kaneki, in Sasaki's nightmares, and Rize represent his Ghoul sense of self. For the anime, a part of the audition for Kaneki's voice actor was to: Nishiki, Yamori and Banjou noted that Kaneki smelled just like Rize.

However, Tsukiyama noted that he smelled just like a human. Both Kaneki and Yamori went through similar torture method which they come out of it completely changed from their previous selves. Yamori turned into psychotic killer that kill more for fun than to eat while Kaneki turned cold and ruthless, but retained his desire to protect his friends.

In a redistributed version, he's also featured as a "White Joker". In the original draft for Tokyo Ghoul: Root A, Kaneki was scripted to have been forced to eat a human woman by Tatara, in order to prove his loyalty to Aogiri Tree.

Due to budget issues, Studio Pierrot cut this scene out. Quotes "I've had enough with dreaming. It's because of me that Shirazu is dead. I can't afford to be weak. I will destroy Aogiri. As my "sword," you ought to know that A few minutes later, she brings their coffees to the table, and when Haise takes a sip of that coffee, his world changes.

It smells and tastes like a place he used to know. The coffee tastes like what home is supposed to be. He can't help it. Unknown feelings bubble inside him. He apologizes to his squad, and then the pretty waitress offers him a napkin. Nothing is making sense right now. She looks a bit troubled, and a bit sad. But the thought that he once had such a beautiful person in his life crosses his mind. It seems to be true. Touka isn't the first girl Kaneki likes, but she's the first girl Haise likes.

After that first visit to: He liked the coffee, so that's reason enough to return, or so he tells himself. Last time he couldn't check the books, but now he can look at them closely. The owners seem to have a great selection, and the titles of some books seem to ring a bell.

Haise would like to read them some time. Haise thinks that this will be all, but she continues talking to him. I am a ghoul investigator. And then he keeps coming back to the shop. Soon, he's a regular there, and every time he walks through the door, the pretty waitress is already waiting for him, with a smile on her face.

Haise feels like he can be himself with her, forgetting for a bit his responsibilities as the leader of the Quinx Squad, and all the cases he's trying to solve. He's no longer someone's sensei, or the bringer of justice of the city. Haise can't help but to observe her, using the books he brings or borrows from her, to cover the fact he's openly gawking at her. Haise likes to see how he waitress prepares coffee, and how she attends every single customer. However, it seems to him that she's a little more attentive towards him.

But perhaps, that's just wistful thinking. Other times, Haise's bolder, and he openly talks to her. He makes a pun or two, and manages to make her laugh. She has such a cute laugh. She even snorts a little, and tries to hide it by covering her mouth.

Haise thinks it's a shame that she would cover her beautiful lips. At some point, he realizes he's infatuated with the pretty waitress. He only knows he's feeling like this, because he recognizes the feelings from the books he's read. Haise has no experience with love. He briefly wonders if in his previous he ever fell in love with someone, and if that person was somewhere, waiting for him.

Sometimes he thinks that that person might be the waitress, since she does seem familiar. Haise's most pressing issue, however, is whether or not she likes him back. He has noticed that she's a little kinder to him than to other customers, but he might very well had imagined such attentions.

Besides, there might be someone else in her life. Still, that doesn't stop him from wondering what she is doing during Christmas. If she's spending the night on a date… He hopes he has a chance. Touka isn't the first person to see Kaneki after he gains his memories, but she's the first one to shake his core.

When Kaneki recovers his memories, he decides to continue where he left off. He distances himself from others for this purpose. He stops going to: He's colder to his former squad. He becomes sadistic again. Kaneki also stops sleeping altogether. What matters to him now is to, firstly, rescue Hinami from Cochlea, and then bring down Aogiri and their leader Eto, as he had attempted to do so many years ago.

Hinami slaps him upon being rescued, but Kaneki knows she will forgive him in time. Next, he finds Ayato, Yomo-san, and Touka. He somehow feels shaken when he finally sees her after many years as himself, and not as a CCG investigator by the name of Sasaki Haise. It is too much to bear, and much more when he's fighting Arima of all people.

tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka meet me in st

So, he ignores her in favor of Ayato, whom he trusts loves his sister enough to take everyone to safety. But, of course, she would stay. Because she must know what he plans to do. After all is over, he will die. That's the only way to end things. There's nothing in this world for him. The best thing he can do is die saving everyone else. Touka must understand it.

Not when it is Arima who reminds him that, if he dies now, his friends won't survive. Not when he sees Hide, his best friend, in his mind. Hide, who reminds him that he has to find a reason to live. The world is awfully lonely without him, and especially since Kaneki himself is responsible for his death. But, in the end, he has to live.

Then Arima himself, his father figure, dies instead. When he reveals secrets that will help him in the future. When it's now up to Kaneki to fix this broken world. He dares to live, for just a bit longer, until he finds his true purpose. He sees Touka in need of help, and saves her. If he could, he could have smiled.

They do see each other later. And then, she brings everyone to her coffee shop, and his old family is reunited with his new allies. He's soon proclaimed the One-Eyed King, and Kaneki decides to embark on a quest to fix what's wrong, to protect those he cares about. Touka never leaves his side.

Ken Kaneki (DemonsAnarchy)

He will have to get used to that. Kaneki feels awkward with his new position as One-Eyed King, and he wishes there was a way to make him feel back to normal. It is Touka the first one to give him that sense of normalcy. It somehow makes him feel like he's back at Anteiku, and any time now old Yoshimura-san will appear behind the counter and offer him coffee with his easy smile.

It, however, has a charm of its own. It has many decorations, which catch his eye. It's also filled with books too. He accepts her offer, and watches attentively as she carefully prepares his drink.

Why is he beng so impossibly awkward? Shiba said something about how me suppressing my RC cell activity temporarily increased my melanin production or something. The news of the Cochlea Raid are all over the stations of Tokyo and possibly Japan. It's weird to see his face on TV associated with another name, another life, which Kaneki had to leave behind. The girl in front of him looks unimpressed. Suddenly Kaneki is eighteen again, and Touka has just punched him because he did something stupid at work.

And just like that, the spell is broken and part of the uneasiness is gone. His family is reunited once again. Not everything is lost. Kaneki would do anything to protect them. Even if that means pushing her away. Kaneki has come to accept the fact that most things in this world are unpredictable, but no one is as unpredictable as Touka is.

After deciding the teams that were going to infiltrate the lab, Touka calls him. For a moment there, Kaneki thought she was going to complain, but her words surprise him. As it so happens, their talk gets delayed because of other pressing issues, like Akira's recovery process and the CCG's next move. Kaneki's been too busy to remember about the talk. However, they eventually end up alone at the: Your hair…" Kaneki exclaims the moment he sees that Touka's light hair went back to black. Her soft and dark strands covering one of her eyes.

I'm looking into a big incident involving ghouls. Apparently, in the past, the CCG was driven almost to extinction at the hands of a 'one-eyed ghoul. She has a way to make him feel like that. He can't afford to get embarrassed again in one conversation. Touka doesn't seem to care, though. His inner monologue keeps asking why their conversation took such a turn, as he keeps drinking from his non-existing coffee. He is about to understand how unpredictable Touka can really be.

Touka is not the first person to worry about him, but she's the first one to tell him. Then she smiles faintly.

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He stops his train of thought before it leads him somewhere indecent. Kaneki fears the worst. He sighs and wonders how he should explain himself. He decides that being honest with her is the best policy. It was when you went by yourself to take revenge upon the investigators… Behind Anteiku, I found you injured.

And the words I said to you then…" "Something like I'd be sad if you died? How back then he wanted to get stronger to be able to protect everyone, but how time and time again it was Touka who was moving forward, leaving him behind. How she got injured trying to save him, and how he was so scared of losing her, of her dying and Kaneki having no idea about it.

Honestly, he's still scared, because he knows if he lets her, Touka will take things into action and could get hurt, or die. He can't let that happen.

Tokyo Ghoul IN 5 MINUTES

I was always thinking of ways to make sure you don't go anywhere. It's clear she's messing with him, but before Kaneki can complain about it, she starts speaking again. I remembered seeing those eyes from somewhere. From when you were looking at Rize.

About how he thought she was beautiful, and wanted to get to know her. How he couldn't take his eyes off of her, and how he fell in love with her quickly. He sweats with uneasiness, wondering if Touka was mad at him. It seems impossible, but she just admitted it herself. He would have said something, if Tsukiyama hadn't interrupted them. Oh well, he'll continue with this conversation later. There's no way Kaneki's just gonna let her go without some sort of answer. Touka isn't the first girl that Kaneki likes, or that he's attracted to, but she's the first and only girl he loves.

There's no point in denying his feelings anymore. As simple as that. He just doesn't know how to show it, for never in a million years he would have thought that she'd reciprocate his feelings for her. But he has to start somewhere. So that's why it's natural for him to ask her to come with him after they all realize they need to go their separate ways.

Kaneki decides then he won't push her away anymore. He will keep Touka by his side. And she apparently won't stand to be away from him either, for she agrees to come with him.

Too bad Mutsuki, his sweet former squad member, appears. In the blink of an eye, Mutsuki is attacking him, and then Aura comes into the scene as well. Sooner than later, Touka enters the fray as well.

Kaneki gets scared, because this is exactly what he didn't want to happen. Touka could get hurt. He isn't sure what Mutsuki's capable of doing. But Touka shows him once more that she isn't weak, and that she can keep her cool even when being taunted about her best friend. This gives him enough resolve to start fighting against Aura, eventually defeating him.

Things get complicated, however, when the Oggai arrive. Kaneki runs frantically, until he meets Touka, alive and unhurt. He then turns to look at his companion, who is sitting on the floor, covering her head with her knees.

Kaneki has another flashback he seems to be having many latelyand he remembers seeing Touka exactly like this, long ago, after finding her behind Anteiku, hurt after her fight against Mado Kureo.

He figures perhaps she got hurt after all. She gulps, and starts speaking, not really looking at him. What did you do when you felt like seeing him?

He sits down next to her. He guesses the best thing he can do is try to comfort her. Kaneki feels the tears about to spill, but he pushes them away. I'm not much help. I think we should rest. He gasps and moves his arm, startled at her sudden action. She's on top of him, and she pushes her hair away. Kaneki wonders if he's dreaming, praying this is all happening. He closes his eyes and kisses her back, rather clumsily probably.

She stops her ministration, and separates their lips. Kaneki honestly didn't know he wanted her with such passion before this, but he's not complaining.

He loves her, god he really does, and he wants to show her the things that he can't say. They separate, both blushing and a bit unsure. Kaneki then looks down. What the hell is he saying? He keeps groping her, while blushing all the while, until her voice stops him.