The originals klaus and camille first meet

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the originals klaus and camille first meet

The Originals is an American supernatural drama television series created by Julie Plec for The CW. A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, the series makes use of certain characters and story elements from the series of books of the same name. The first season premiered with a special preview on October 3, , In the first season, the focus was primarily on Klaus (Joseph Morgan). I know there has been a lot of talk about The Originals Camille (Leah Pipes) being Caroline (Candice Accola) At first when the series aired I. They first met at Rousseau's, a bar in New Orleans. Later, they bonded over a painter's artwork when Camille described the artwork and the painter. Klaus was .

Over time, she became increasingly involved with the Mikaelson familypartly due to her uncle 's role as de facto leader of the humans in New Orleans, and partly due to her growing relationship with Klaus. This relationship, combined with the fact that she was humanplaced her in sights of the family's vengeful enemies, who started noticing the important role that she seemed to play in Klaus' life and therefore saw her as an asset against him.

The Originals Klaus and Cami kissing

This entanglement culminated in Camille slitting her own throat under compulsion and subsequently turning into a vampire. Klaus' former lover, Aurora de Martelorchestrated this deadly scheme to get back at him for leaving her and torturing her and her brother. Aurora also expressed jealousy towards Camille, seeing her as her own 'replacement' as Klaus' new love interest.

After becoming a vampire, Camille's personality drastically changed: As she suspected herself to have a 'darker side' as a human, this sudden shift in personality and behavior associated to her new vampirism can be seen as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Following several unsuccessful attempts to battle against the poisonous bite, it soon became apparent that there was no cure and after tearful goodbyes from her friends, Camille ultimately died with Klaus saying that he loves her, and promising that she will find peace.

Camille was a member of the O'Connell Family. Contents [ show ] Early History Not much is known about her early history. She grew up with a twin brother, Seanand appeared to to have grown up in a different city before it, possibly to attend college.

the originals klaus and camille first meet

She then moved to New Orleans to be near her uncle, Kieranand investigate the circumstances surrounding Sean's suspicious and tragic death. At some point, she enrolled in graduate school to get another psychology degree and began working as a bartender at Rousseau's. In The Other Girl in New OrleansCami revealed to Aurora de Martel along with Niklaus Mikaelsonwho was eavesdropping on their conversation that when she was a junior in undergraduate school, her roommate was beaten up by her boyfriend when she attempted to break up with him.

Cami to begged her roommate to seek help from the police, the dean, or anyone else who would listen. However, her roommate was too scared to tell anyone else what happened. Later, Cami runs into the same man at a bar and sees him hitting on a freshman; she became so enraged that he would be getting away with his abusive behavior that she smashed a beer bottle into his face, tackled him, and knelt on his chest while she slammed his head repeatedly against the floor.

Camille O'Connell

Afterward, Cami was arrested and charged with assault and battery, and she described the experience as one of her deepest, darkest secrets due to the fact that she was ashamed about how much she enjoyed it. When Klaus comes to the bar and warns Marcel 's minions about being followed, she comes to the bar and apologizes for their wait and tells them that they're out of gumbo. Klaus lays down a hundred dollar bill and tells her to give the two minions the bar's oldest Scotch.

Later, Marcel is talking to Klaus when he notices Camille walking down the street alone. Marcel tells Klaus that if she's brave he'll let her live. Later when Camille saw him at her bar she expressed curiosity towards his powers which he showed amusement to and compelled her to help him meet Davina who Marcel told her to look after. Later at the church, while listening to Tim's violin, she told him about her brother mass murder-suicide at that church and that she'd had a hard time coping since then.

Klaus showed up at her apartment and she invited him in.

the originals klaus and camille first meet

They talked, and Camille got emotional. She begged him to not compel her but he does since he believed she was letting the thought about what her brother had done consume her and promised to find out the truth about it. In Fruit of the Poisoned TreeKlaus showed up at Rousseau's and told her the truth behind who made Sean do what he had done.

Once he mentioned Agnes was dead Camille was angered and slapped him. Klaus didn't retort, but instead asked her why she had done that. She yelled that won't bring her brother back and Klaus told her "In thousand years that I lived people have died for less. Klaus then used his super speed to leave the bar. In The River in ReverseCamille was typing Klaus' memoirs until she became irritated at him for saying the same thing over and over again: She told him that he repeated the same destructive cycle and the he was the architect of his own unhappiness.

When he says he didn't ask her advice, she deduced that she chose her to type his life story because she has a master's in psychology and Klaus wanted someone to talk to and to understand him. Soon, she became angry and left.

the originals klaus and camille first meet

This allowed her, once out of Klaus' presence and therefore compelled to forget about him, to discover that he was a vampire. Klaus informed him that Camille knew about the supernatural in New Orleans. Marcel thought that Klaus had compelled Camille 's feelings for him but Klaus assured him that her feelings were real. Klaus later stopped by her apartment to compel her into leaving town at the behest of Kieran.

He opened his mind to her and she saw various glimpses of his tortured past. Camille was saddened by what she saw and stated nobody should have had to go through what he did. Davina later stooped by Camille's apartment to ask for help, but Camille did not remember her. Davina deduced that she had been compelled and began to undo Klaus' compulsion on Camille, which had her screaming in pain. In The Casket GirlsDavina continued to use decompulsion on Camille, which caused her to remember all the things Klaus compelled her to forget.

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Later, Davina and Camille walked down the street with Davina wearing a veil trying to get out of the Quarter. Camille spotted Klaus in the crowd and they snuck away through a back alley. Camille later spotted Klaus and warned him that if he ever hurt Davina or Josh again, she would expose him to the world.

He told Camille about Davina dying and the two bond and talked about Klaus and Papa Tundea witch doctor who had gone up against Klaus in the s. Papa Tunde came to Rousseau's and attacked Marcel. Camille tried to stop Tunde but was casually brushed aside.

the originals klaus and camille first meet

She called Klaus, who instructed her to distance herself immediately. Marcel was almost desiccated by Papa Tunde's blade, and Klaus instructed her to go find someone off the street for Marcel to feed on. She said that there was not enough time, and she let Marcel feed on her, much to Klaus's ire. In Crescent CityCamille was at St.