Swaragini swara and sanskar first meet

Swaragini: Sanskar plants kiss on Swara’s forehead for the first time! | Television News

swaragini swara and sanskar first meet

Read FIRST MEETING from the story Swaragini- The Love by Manu swara reaches home with sad face thinking what to answer ragini about her gift sanskar goes in and sees a girl serving cool drinks to elders he think she is the girl. Oct 18, In Swaragini, Ragini decides to reunite Swara and Sanskar. New entry will spice Also, for the first time after 6 months, Swara meets Sanskar.

Swaragini Spoiler: Ragini To Reunite Swara & Sanskar; New Vamp Enters The Show - Filmibeat

He not only blames Swara in front of Ragini but also refuses to believe Sumi's words who said Ragini kidnapped her! Swara and Sanskar too, ditch Sumi by supporting Ragini.

swaragini swara and sanskar first meet

Read the story and spoiler in slides Lakshya Lakshya tells Sumi that Swara's life has already been destroyed and only way to rectify it is to mend her relation. Lakshya asks Swara to go on a honeymoon and arranges the farmhouse for the newly married couple. Ragini Ragini, who doesn't know that Lakshya is trying to trap her, thinks she succeeded in getting her love. Lakshya-Ragini Now that Lakshya has accepted that Swara is married to Sanskar, Ragini thinks Lakshya might accept her love and move ahead.

Lakshya-Ragini Romance In the upcoming episode Ragini will be seen dancing and romancing with Lakshya. If you think Ragini is really moving a step ahead in her relationship with Lakshya, then you are wrong! The romance and dance will just be a dream! Lakshya and Sanskar, again start fighting as the former says he still loves Swara.

Swara-Ragini Ragini, who finds Lakshya missing, guesses that the latter would have gone to farmhouse to meet Swara.

Swaragini - 19th August 2015 - स्वरागिनी - Full Episode (HD)

Lakshya gets stabbed and Ragini sits beside him, crying. Swara In this shock, Ragini accepts every crime that she committed to Swara and Lakshya gets to know Ragini's reality.

Ragini Lakshya asks Ragini to sign on the papers, while the latter signs it without reading the papers. Ragini will be later shocked to know about Lakshya's move. Urvashi Ragini feels cheated in love.

swaragini swara and sanskar first meet

She is shattered and tries to commit suicide. The family will blame Lakshya for this, while Urvashi blames Swara. Stay locked to this space, while we bring you the latest update of the show Swara and Sanskar dance romantically, and the latter gifts Swara, a dress for the engagement ceremony.

Swaragini Spoiler: Ragini To Reunite Swara & Sanskar; New Vamp Enters The Show! (PICS)

Both reach the Maheshwari house, where all were waiting for them for the ceremony. When Swara tries to confront Ragini, the latter starts her drama, and Swara gets upset, seeing the 'unchanged' Ragini. On the other hand, Urvashi and Dadi are concerned about Ragini as Swara will be back in the same house where she also lives. Urvashi thinks Ragini will not be happy with Swara in the vicinity, and also feels her jiji Ragini's dead mother is unhappy with the developments!

swaragini swara and sanskar first meet

The engagement ceremony begins, but just when Sanskar was about to make Swara wear the ring, he sees blood on Swara's dress and gets shocked. The ring falls down. Lakshya finds a dead bat on the chandelier and throws it out; while Urvashi starts her drama. She calls this inauspicious. Swara gets upset, while Sanskar and family members ask Swara to change the dress to continue the ceremony. Later, the family members do not find the ring, and Sanskar ties a Mauli thread.

Was the dead bat, Urvashi's idea?

swaragini swara and sanskar first meet