Spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

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spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

A follow up of the film The Amazing Spider-Man. Gwen & Peter try to live normal lives, but as we all know 'superhero's' can never live a standard human life, . His eyes met the blood that was now soaking his clothing. Can I just say that this new reboot of Spider-Man was the BEST. There were occasions when Gwen would meet Peter's eyes, and they would. Gwen slowly walked into the darkness only to find Spiderman at the end a bit better so slightly chuckled and replied, "Nice to meet you too.

If I have to stay here where it's safe and enroll in Empire, so do you. It's part of life, Peter. What happens when all this is over? We need something to fall back on when…. The thought of a normal life was appealing, one without Spiderman, and villains. A life where they went to school together, got married, had children, and retired to live long and adventurous lives together.

He noticed her cheeks turning as red as the spandex of his suit. Gwen quickly took another bite of gelato, hoping to hide her embarrassment, to no avail. Peter knew, he always knew what she was thinking it seemed. She watched him grin with that stupid boyish grin of his. It was like a light popped on inside his head. Peter laughed slightly while clearing his eye of the freezing, sticky substance.

The woman that he loved, and that loved him right back. Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane…. Immediately he opened the requested cell door. He didn't understand why Mr. Fiers insisted on these late night meetings with Osborn, he was just an insane little brat with severe multiple personality disorder. One minute, he was his semi-normal childish self, the next he's darting around the room cackling like a demon screeching about a goblin. Gustav Fiers stepped into Harry's cell. To the gentleman, the kid seemed docile for the time being.

Which one would you like first? What about our earlier discussion? How many did you have in mind? I don't want them eating each other. I'm sure you can't just make it appear out of thin air boy. Like I said, get him out and get him loaded up. IT…was taking over again. He felt his hair stand up on the back of his neck and his face contort again, oh the pain it caused him. Gustav knew it was time to leave, that thing was coming back. As much as he disapproved of the kid sometimes, seeing this….

Harry's last words before he's lost for the night, "Special projects, you'll find it…. The goblin was back. Banging on the bars, darting from one side of the room to the other, cackling maniacally.

There was no amount of pain the doctors could inflict that would stop him. His time would come soon, but not yet…. Actually taking the suggestion from an example Peter used months ago when he first visited OsCorp, to use the Zebra fish's cells which have the power to regenerate at will, to transfer that into a human's body, without much side effect. Alistair Smythe, the lead researcher in her department, and the only man she had to answer to, young and attractive but the all around creepiness and obsession he had with her ruined it.

With an exasperated voice she replied, "You don't even know what just happened, do you? I finally cracked the last equation that could keep the genes stable enough without deteriorating or destroying the host body.

This could be huge, absolutely huge!

spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

In fact, OsCorp hadn't gotten rid of hardly any of the cross-species genetics projects, they had just been dug into the ground for the time being.

And Smythe was the one in charge of keeping them running under the radar, evidently not doing a good enough job. If Peter were here right now she would actually let him blow his cover just to see Smythe punched across the room and bloody. She manages to squeeze out a simple "Understood. As Gwen entered the main office, she noticed the giant television screen turned to Metro News 4, and of course, Peter was plastered all over. Of course, this time it wasn't the usual crappy philosophical debate on whether he was a hero of the people or a menace ravaging the great city, it was footage of a battle taking place.

She could never understand how they rebuilt so quickly after the incident with Electro, which practically destroyed everything within 10 blocks of the square. Yet, there he was, swinging building to building, dodging bullets, rockets, and…cars?

Not only was it a mechanical rhino suit, but something about it was strangely familiar…it looked like something OsCorp had designed over a year ago, before the Lizard catastrophe forced them to abandon the cross-species genetics research. All the data and material was destroyed, or so they thought.

And yet there it was, a giant slap in the face to her and her colleagues. She turned her attention back to Peter who was still dodging the massive rhino's projectiles.

The thing was keeping him on the move, but it would eventually run out, it had to, right? Before she even had a second thought, Gwen was rushing down the hall to the elevator and was out the door sprinting in his direction.

This guy was a giant mechanical rhino…. That's when he noticed, it had stopped firing. The thing finally jammed. Finally it was his turn. Jumping onto the nearby police car, it was time to turn it around.

spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

I just have a few things to say before this all goes down. First of all, your costume is terrible, you should be ashamed, real rhinos can't fire rockets! What were you thinking man? And second, a rhino? Could you NOT think of anything more intimidating? A scorpion for instance? Maybe a giant bird of prey even! You must not have been very popular in school, were you? Oh yeah, I'm Spiderman. Okay this isn't gonna work, either you're walking back into that cell, or I'm throwing you in myself.

It's really all up to you, honest Mr. Of course, the cockpit closes, the horn came down over the viewport blocking out any human appearance. The rhino suit whizzed and whirred as the joints loosened up to lower onto all fours Peter was prepared for this, in fact he was kind of hoping this would happen, it's been a couple weeks since he's had a good fight. Shooting two biocables through the pothole holes, he launched himself off the car he'd used as a platform and spun left, deflecting one missile into the second, detonating both as a safe distance.

Still in mid-air, he spun one last time to bring himself closer to the rhino, he came around again used every ounce of strength he had and smashed the pothole into his horn, breaking off the tip and sending the suit flying into the Starbucks nearby. Rushing over the the downed rhino, he pulled the remainder of the horn up and smashed the cockpit window open with the pothole, before throwing it aside. I mean seriously, why do bad guys ALWAYS pick the hard wa-" Suddenly, Peter felt a sharp pain in his chest, he looked down to see Aleksei has stuck him with some sort of electronic.

He felt his entire body seize up and collapse as the tip of the weapon disengaged the tip and it lodged itself inside his sternum. Hyperventilating, all the air was being drained out of his lungs almost, like his body's moisture drying up through electric shock. Aleksei leaned over his paralyzed body, grabbing Peter by the throat and pulling him up, he whispered in his ear.

Aleksei is no done with you, boy. Soon you will meet others, yes. You will forget what it means to be hero, and when we are done with this city, you die. Gwen arrived on the scene just a moment too late. The police barricades were up and the NYPD had Peter surrounded with guns pointed at his paralyzed body. She wanted nothing more than to run out to him in the middle of the street and hold him, she had to. She couldn't just stand by while her love, her Peter, laid down and died.

She resolved to break through the crowds and get out to him. Before she could, however, she saw Peter slowly prop himself up on a squad car, and hastily shoot a biocable at the nearby lamp post, eventually swinging off and out of sight.

Gwen's thoughts raced frantically as she tried to think straight. She had to meet him. Parker insisted he meet with you both immediately when I informed him that Mr. Richards are off planet. That's why he targeted Gwen. I'm afraid he'll go after other people I care about. Would you guys watch Gwen while I go after Goblin? I can't risk leaving her alone at my place given current circumstances. No matter what it takes, I'll stop him. Green Goblin is a psychopath. I know he'd kill Peter given half a chance.

No one is getting past us, eh Herb? A frantic Spider-Man was barely held back from leaping into the inferno by Human Torch. The heroes soon learned from EMTs and local residents gathered nearby by that Aunt May had been taken to the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation minutes before their arrival after the structure was pumpkin bombed by Green Goblin. Atop the massive skyscraper Goblin hovered on his glider awaiting his the arrival of his longtime foe.

The pair squared off while Human Torch hovered nearby. The ensuing battle was short but decisive.

Green Goblin flew high into the air in an attempt to dive bomb Spider-Man. With lightning-fast movement, Spider-Man both rolled aside at the last possible second to avoid impact and snagged the underside of Green Goblin's glider with twin strands of webbing. He used these to pull the glider off course in such a way that Green Goblin fell to the rooftop below. Spider-Man was on him in a second raining down punches upon his masked face.

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Again, and again and again he pummelled the supervillain until streams of blood spilled from the mouth hole, nostril holes and eye sockets of Green Goblin's mask. Spider-Man pulled the mask off then continued to batter Norman Osborn's bruised, puffy face. Norman Osborn only smiled at Spider-Man's rage.

His cracked, blood stained teeth painted a disturbing picture.

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In his gloved hand, Norman flipped a small switch. Even with his Spider-Sense if it had not been for the timely intervention of Human Torch, Spider-Man would not have gotten off the rooftop in time. The top floor of the building exploded as the goblin glider simultaneously crashed onto the spot where Norman lay. A huge shock way tossed Spider-Man and Human Torch around like dried leaves in an autumn breeze. Apartment of Peter Parker three days later, afternoon "Thanks," Gwen said accepting the cup of coffee.

She lay on Peter's living room sofa a blanket covering her legs. If you're late Aunt May will worry. A few minutes after Peter departed Gwen picked up her smartphone.

She dialed the number of her close friend. I heard about what happened. I can't believe Green Goblin attacked you like that for no reason, how awful. She and Peter had agreed no one should know why the attack really happened. He and Peter have been best friends since high school.

How do you suppose he'll react when he finds out his deceased father drugged me in Europe, brainwashed me into doing horrendous things? I'm still not sure what exactly was done to me or why.

Only that I was abducted by Mr. Osborn and experimented on somehow. I refuse to come between Peter and Harry because of that terrible man. There was no way she could do such a thing especially now that she knew the late Norman Osborn had also been Green Goblin.