Sadie kane and annabeth chase meet

sadie kane and annabeth chase meet

Their names were: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Nico Di Angelo, Travis and their names were: Carter Kane, Sadie Kane, Jaz Anderson. You can help out Riordan Wiki by re-organizing parts of the article, checking grammar and spelling, and doing other helpful things to correct the article. The Staff of Serapis is written by Rick Riordan and the second crossover between The Kane Chronicles and Percy Jackson and the. Magic, monsters, and mayhem abound when Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase meet Carter and Sadie Kane for the first time. Weird creatures are appearing.

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Sadie and Nico are twins, and Walt named Sadie after Aunt Sadie, who he had had a crush on when they were kids.

Sadie has her dad's black hair and brown eyes, but she has her mom's white skin tone. She is a diviner, and she follows the path of Isis.

sadie kane and annabeth chase meet

Nico looks exactly like Sadie except he has brown eyes, and he is a water elementalist that follows the path of Sobek. They are both 12, while Connor is 10, and Cleo is Cleo is short for Cleopatra, but don't call her that unless you want to have an army of shabti after you.

She has her mom's blue eyes and her dad's black hair and African-American skin tone. She wears grey glasses, and she is a statue maker that follows the path of Ptah.

sadie kane and annabeth chase meet

Connor has his mom's blue eyes and his dad's black hair and skin tone. He is a wind elementalist that follows the path of Shu. Suddenly, they all entered through another portal.

He hates all of our friends. Cleo looked at her watch. We're going to be late if we don't go now! And Bill, don't follow us. I didn't appreciate that last time I went to the movies and you followed me. After our goodbyes, we took a portal to Manhattan. Sally simply pointed to the receiver. When Annabeth listened to the message at first she thought it was a prank call or something, but it was his voice. The one she needed so desperately needed to hear. It was the voice of Percy Jackson. She couldn't believe it.

She wanted to scream with happiness, but there was danger ahead.

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He was on a quest. Why did he have to go and risk his life on a quest when they were so close to finding him? She thanked Sally for the cookies and told her she would be back with any updates tomorrow. Annabeth needed to think.

She took another taxi to the New York Public Library, her favorite place to think.

sadie kane and annabeth chase meet

Once inside she walked over to the section in Greek and picked out The Iliad by Homer. As soon as she started the first page, there was a scream and a young well younger girl with caramel-colored hair and blue eyes runs in with a Sphinx chasing her. Annabeth is used to this kind of stuff so, naturally, she gets up, pulls out her Celestial Bronze knife and runs in to help the year-old-looking girl in battle.

Annabeth slashes and side-steps so fast that the girl stares at her in awe and the sphinx lunges for the girl. The paw of the Sphinx creates a gash down her side before Annabeth has a chance to tell her to pay attention.

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She drops the sticks really, what good are sticks at fighting a monster? Annabeth slashes at the Sphinx and catches her where her head meets her neck and she explodes into yellow dust.

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Annabeth rushes over to where the girl is lying and asks her what her name is. The girl, Sadie, says nothing and Annabeth just then notices how bad the cut is. It stretches down from her armpit to just above her hipbone and is a sickly shade of green. Sadie nods her head and Annabeth, forgetting that there are mortals that can see through the Mist, shoves some ambrosia into Sadie's mouth.

Almost instantaneously, the cut on Sadie's side started mending itself, and returning to its normal color. Annabeth poured some nectar from her canteen that she always had with her on the now-healing cut to help along the process.

I have never heard of a mortal hosting We don't need any more We're going to camp. Sadie was still asking questions a long cab ride later, but Annabeth had ignored them all. She was still thinking. She had a faint idea where this was going, and she didn't like it anymore than she liked the Sphinx. Back at camp, Annabeth pushed past all of the teenagers congregating around her, inquiring about the new 'camper'. She didn't need any distractions from the Stoll brothers, Drew Tanaka, or one of the campers in the abnormally large crowd gathered around the crest of Half-Blood Hill.

She was heading straight for the Big House to talk to Chiron about Sadie. Inside was almost as wierd as outside. Like we're all pretty used to weird monsters right? I also wanna smack him upside the head for view spoiler [ not letting Sadie know about Carter's adventure. Do you want my favorite character to burn to death from Sadie's stare?? Especially for his Brilliant Knowledge he has stored in some secret part of his brain. From which part of this entire cosmos did Rick plucked him out and pasted in his story?

Gosh, seriously, where does Rick makes such a detailed research?? I SO wanna know! All right, fangirl mode off. It was definitely a plus point of this book.

And of course Rick's way of describing things is flawless! I could actually go on praising my favorite writer in the world again and again, but let's come back to the story: Annabeth Chase and Sadie Kane, both blonde, both with certain attitudes in a good wayand confident. What a great pair!

sadie kane and annabeth chase meet

Certainly better than Carter-Percy pair, when the boys just decided to throw rage over each other for no apparent reason psshh