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Jim's talk at the Stanford program conducted at . Over the summer Amy Lelyveld brought her students from the PATA China Chapter holds meeting at The Schoolhouse. NHK World Service reported on The Schoolhouse, including interviews Jim Spear, our server Yu Xia, and our main local farmer Li. Jul 5, Find out what's on and what's coming up on SBS's TV and Radio channels in New South Wales - Thursday 5th July. This time, kids from a Slovakian canoeing school meet kids from the city of Ome, an area bursting with beautiful natural NHK World-Japan Lee Lin Chin ( PG) S4 Ep6 Baby, Talk Is Cheap (MA15+) .. Amy Kahn Russell Jewellery. (G).

ABC's flagship productions at the time were The Lone Rangerbased on the radio program of the same title, and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harrietthe latter of which at 14 seasons, running from to held the record for the longest-running prime time comedy in U.

Goldenson's efforts paid off, and on October 27,the network launched a campaign ushering in the "New ABC", with productions from several studios, including Metro-Goldwyn-MayerWarner Bros. Airing during the —56 seasonit showcased television adaptations of the films Kings Row and Casablanca ; Cheyenne adapted from the film Wyoming Kid ; Sugarfoot a remake of the film The Boy from Oklahoma ; and Maverick.

Walt Disney and his brother Roy contacted Goldenson at the end of [49] for ABC to agree to finance part of the Disneyland project in exchange for producing a television program for the network. When Disneyland opened on July 17,ABC aired a special live broadcast commemorating the park's first day of operation, Dateline: Most markets outside the largest ones were not large enough to support three full-time network affiliates.

In some markets that were large enough for a third full-time affiliate, the only available commercial allocation was on the less-desirable UHF band. Until the All-Channel Receiver Act passed by Congress in mandated the inclusion of UHF tuning, most viewers needed to purchase a converter to be able to watch UHF stations, and the signal quality was marginal at best even with a converter.

Additionally, during the analog television era, UHF stations were not adequately receivable in rugged terrain. These factors made many prospective station owners skittish about investing in a UHF station, especially one that would have had to take on an affiliation with a weaker network.

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As a result, with the exception of the largest markets, ABC was relegated to secondary status on one or both of the existing stations, usually via off-hours clearances a notable exception during this time was WKST-TV in Youngstown, Ohionow WYTVdespite the small size of the surrounding market and its close proximity to Cleveland and Pittsburgh even decades before the city's economic collapse.

According to Goldenson, this meant that an hour of ABC programming reported five times lower viewership than its competitors.

Still, ABC's limited reach would continue to hobble it for the next two decades; several smaller markets would not grow large enough to support a full-time ABC affiliate until the s, with some very small markets having to wait as late as the s or even the advent of digital television in the s, which allowed stations like WTRF-TV in Wheeling, West Virginia to begin airing ABC programming on a digital subchannel after airing the network's programs outside of recommended timeslots decades before.

The DuMont Television Network ceased broadcasting on September 15,[46] and went bankrupt the next year. ABC then found itself as the third U. That same year, Kintner was forced to resign due to disagreements between Noble and Goldenson, [17] a consequence of Goldenson's many interventions in ABC's management. It was not until the late s that the ABC network became a serious contender to NBC and CBS, and this was in large part due to the diverse range of programming that met the expectations of the public, such as westerns and detective series.

On September 3,the Disneyland anthology series was retitled Walt Disney Presents [52] as it became disassociated with the theme park of the same name.

The movement in westerns, which ABC is credited for having started, represented a fifth of all primetime series on American television in Januaryat which point detective shows were beginning to rise in popularity as well. The series went on to quickly become "immensely popular". To captivate the network's audiences, short minute series were scheduled a half-hour before their hour-long competition.

The network's finances improved and allowed it to invest in other properties and programming. The s would be marked by the rise of family-oriented series in an attempt by ABC to counterprogram its established competitors, but the decade was also marked by the network's gradual transition to color. How cool is that! And now, I personally own three vacuums, which I daily use all over the house.

I am thinking of starting a vacuum collection. It is so cool to see those little specks on the carpet disappear into the vacuum. My sister and her husband Armand says that I am welcome to vacuum their home any time I like. She is not interested in vacuums or the process of vacuuming. And I really like to clean things. I often clean my room for fun.

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Are there other teams which clean FBC? Yes, there is Team Whalen, who cleans the entirety of the main building, led by the Grand Master of cleaning, Steve. And, of course, there are many others who keep the kitchen area always clean, and others who help in many ways.

And now, our viewers would be disappointed if I did not ask the most important question …. My superpower is work-thankfulness. I am so thankful that I have a good job, and that it benefits the church and myself and my family. I look forward to church cleaning and am always ready to go when that day of the week arrives.

It is great exercise for my whole team.

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Did I mention we enjoy working as a family? I am thankful to God for this work He has provided just especially for me. This work fits me perfectly, and hence my work-thankfulness. Thank you, Heavenly Father for the blessing of my work.

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Thank you, God for giving me my work-thankfulness superpower. Having Kent and his team arrive at the office to clean has been the highlight of my week for several years. Not only do they keep everything immaculate, but the entire team consistently bring with them the joy of the Lord, grateful hearts, and encouraging words of wisdom.

Kent is so friendly, polite, considerate, patient, kind and loving. There have been many times I have cried tears of joy because of the healing Kent brings to my soul with his gentle spirit. He is truly inspirational. I pray that I can continue to learn from him and that the fruit of the Spirit will be as evident in me someday as they are in his life. What made this room so significant?

The only thing we know about the owner of this famous room is that he was responsible for setting it up. The room had to be cleaned, arranged, and stocked for the Passover meal. His service to the Savior was quiet, but oh so important.

There are many people in our church family who serve just like the owner of that house. They work behind-the-scenes to help make ministry happen. Claude, Atsuko, and Kent Colson are one of those families. They faithfully clean offices, bathrooms, and classrooms to give each week a fresh start.

They bring in the recycle bins from the street. I always look forward to Kent coming into my office and shaking my hand with a big smile on his face. The Colsons have big servant hearts, and we are so blessed and thankful for them.

The Elder Retreat was held at: The Emerald Queen Casino D. Praying for the needs of the church C. Planning for the future of the church D. Engaging in a shoulder massage circle We enjoyed good coffee, cider, and food, including: Pizza, doughnuts, chips C.

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Costco hot dogs, tater tots, Caesar salad D. Despite the fact that so many men were sleeping in the same room, there was no snoring. During our recreation time, we played Bunco!