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Naruto is the first one to achieve this, despite not being used for the sealing. The story of the Juubi and the Rikudou Sennin is a very old one. . He rushed forward, the Shinigami's arm extending to meet with the Kyuubi. Years have passed since Naruto saved the world and Became the Rikudo Sennin and new holder of the Jubi. Now beings known as Kai's. "The Sage of Six Paths " (六道仙人, Rikudō Sennin) is episode of the Naruto: Shippūden anime. Hagoromo reveals to Naruto that he is the reincarnation of.

The guard was gold plated and in the form of a coiling dragon head and it was holstered in a black sheathe. His name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Senju, the last shinobi and sage of his world. His eyes were Silver Blue with concentric circular patters and a slit pupil. The gentle breeze from the air blew through his hair and made his cape flutter. He watched the sun rise from the mountain peak he stood on and brushed his hair back. I never thought that being immortal would be so… boring. To think I thought that paper work was boring.

Naruto sighs and sits down in the lotus position. A freaking millennium has passed and nothing interesting has happened since the last Shinobi war. I don't know how the gods and goddesses do it and not go crazy. Hopefully the Apocalypse will come soon. That was when Naruto paused and shot back up on his feet with Shinken no Ryu drawn. The being behind the mountain chuckled and spoke. I am not an enemy. That was when the being appeared out of nowhere a few feet away from Naruto.

Said blonde raised an eyebrow at the person's appearance. He was short, purple skinned, and had white hair that was in the style of a Mohawk and was dressed in a posh outfit. He also had yellow Potara earrings on each of his earlobes and his ears were long, elf-like, and pointed. Naruto stared at the man for a while and then sheathed his blade. The purple man chuckled and nods. Allow me to introduce myself.

I am the Supreme Kai, the overseer of the universe and rulers of the kais. Naruto blinked in confusion and scratched the back of his head. Sorry but I never heard of you Kai-san. Very few people know about the kais. I must say I was impressed that a mere human was able to sense me. Just to let you know I'm actually 1, Where I come from we, meaning the other Kais have seen your accomplishment in this world and would like for you to come with me to my world so we can talk to you about helping us with a very serious problem.

Naruto blinks for a while and thinks about it until Ryujin spoke up. After all you have nothing better to do in this world anyways and who knows? Whatever situation they are having could prove to be interesting.

I have nothing better to do anyways but wait right here. I need to get some things. Naruto appears a few seconds later with a large scroll on his back. Kai nods and places a hand on Naruto's arm and before the blonde knew it, they vanished. Sacred World of the Kais S. Kai and Naruto suddenly appeared in a world that was similar to the one in Naruto's world except that the sky was a purple pink color and the plant and animal life here flourished.

This place is full of life and hasn't been tainted in any way. The Natural Energy I'm feeling in this place is incredible. Kai was impressed with how tune in with nature Naruto was. Naruto on the other hand has never felt this type of energy before even during his travels around his world. The energy he felt was nothing like the Juubi's but it was more similar to his Nature Chakra with the difference being that it was 10 times stronger.

Say I have a question. What exactly are you and what was that technique you used? It was similar to my Hiraishin with the difference being that you just… vanished. Kai was about to answer until he ducked while a pink and red blur made an attempt to tackle him.

Naruto's eyes widen and before he could do anything he was tackled by the red and pink blur and were sent tumbling backwards until they stopped. Naruto groaned and looked up to see a another being who looked similar to the Supreme Kai with the difference being that this Kai wore a Red and Pink outfit and was female. She had a light tan complexion and she had long silver spiky hair that fell to her waist and wore red Potara earrings.

She had a huge grin on her face and was eye smiling. Kai wave at her. The female Kai looks at him and blinks but then sees the position they're in and jumps off of him, blushing in embarrassment while Naruto gets back up. Her eyes widen and she looks back at and speaks up. She then looks back at a confused Naruto and then she walks around and 'inspects' him from head to toe with her index and middle finger on her chin. Mmhmmm…Mmmmmhmmm… you picked a good one Supreme Kai. He can definitely help us deal with him later on in the future.

Naruto on the other hand didn't even know what she was talking about. Overseer of the western universe but you can call me Shira. I don't usually go by my title like the purple elf does. Kai who face faults. That was when a deeper voice spoke up. Naruto turned around only to look up and see a taller Kai with a red and slightly wrinkled face and long white hair that was slicked back and he appeared to have a scowl on his face.

Naruto blinks and rubs the back of his head. It's Naruto not human. The Kai was about to say something until he yelps out in pain due to the fact that he was grabbed by his ear by Shira and dragged down to be at her height level. Kai was back on his feet and sweat drops when he sees this as does Naruto. He then coughs to get their attention.

Shira lets his ear go while he stands up rubbing his sore ear. I apologize then Naruto-san for my rudeness. Now what is this threat you were gonna talk about Supreme Kai? Kai shakes his head. Well okay I'll be happy to meet them.

Let's go then Kibito. Kai said and they instant movement to vanish instantly. Shira wraps her arm around his and smirks. Kai could help but smile at Naruto's enthusiasm. He is known as the Grand" He started to say an explosion occurred in front of the Mansion and surprising Naruto.

When he opens his eyes, he was no longer in the physical realm, he was in his mindscape. And the fox now has become ten tail instead 9 tail "Nice to see ya Kurama, already a hundred years? How was the world since I was last awake? But I haven't found true happiness yet I don't know what to do. I guess becoming God isn't happy as I thought Yet they still had a burning passion behind it, albeit it already dimmed and barely there.

Of course Naruto knew there no Kami in this world. He is the Primordial God in here! Since you say Juubi was responsible for creating everything in my world then technically, we are the Kami since we hold Juubi full power.

You meanwhile always meddling your nose to someone business! Even after countless years, he still active person, sometime he disguise himself as healer, as a chef, as a thief, or such things. Though he did take a nap for a dozen years or decade when the World become boring so he can find new interesting things when he awake "But I'm boooreeed!

I just awake, don't bother me with your stupid rant! You and I have difference opinion in taking amusement. Even until now, the fox always love to destroy something, despite he not like creature from nightmare like in past, he still can't be counted as fully good guy "Anyway! Just go somewhere fun anyway if you bored with sleeping! Rather than simply opening portal like Kaguya, I will did it like Momoshiki! And visiting another World perhaps will make life interesting "See? Just one question before you leave.

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He appear to be serious as his eyes narrowed sharply at Kurama and the fox would find the situation quite grim had he doesn't know Naruto for long time "You just never think of that do you? I actually never did. On defense, when I bored I instantly go sleep and when I awake, I go around to see how this dimension growth rate.

And if there nothing change then I go back to sleep. He should expect this. While true Naruto changed but it actually not that much, he still not the brightest person around, he still childish and appear to be cheerful like always.

Albeit the giant fox knew Naruto hurting inside but his Jailor hide it very well "Very well then, see ya Kurama! Keep your eyes open because things will get veeeery interesting soon! Birds chirping to each other while flap their wings happily, allowing themselves to swim in the bright blue sky.

Trees and plants make a gentle sounds as the wind breeze them gently like a mother that touch her children. Sun illuminating the forest, sea, city, village and everything, warming them with it light, and allow people to see the beauty of the World It was very peaceful day, one that everyone will enjoy But for her Death is what surround her Even the ground where she sit is dark Showing why the 'black' color considered as color of death Everything around her decaying, as if her mere presence denied by the World or Planet itself The rocky ground that she currently sit, one that still able to allow itself to be growing place for bryophyte plant is death Turning into sand poll, a dry substance, one that won't allow anything to growth through or in it She only can hug her knee in despair There nothing she could do Everything she did is wrong She can't do anything by herself, she lack of information and lack of knowledge.

The Sage of Six Paths

She can't ask for help neither, not if she wish to turn the person she wish to talk death. She had try to kill herself Jumping from the highest cliff, allowing herself to drown until she can't breath, slicing even her own limb and stab herself with blade and yet Nothing can make her die She want to die She want to die so badly Even her mere presence now taking a life, a simple plant and animals even death when they come near her She don't want to live For what she live if she keep taking life of everything around her?

It was then she sense it She sense something appear in the air-no Something appear in front of her. She rise her head unconsciously, wanting to see what in there and she hoped that she won't kill it Sun That was the best way to describe it Orange colored bright light was the thing that granted by her sight.

It was so bright She aware the light is actually bright Very bright to the point a men will go blind when see this light. And perhaps it so hot as well that it will burn everything near it when it appear But she able to see it clearly, it as if she just open her eyes for the first time But instead burning sensation, she feel the heat embrace her, hugging her, like a mother that hug her beloved child. And then, the light dimmed The giant ball of orange light that illuminating the day and turn it into more bright slowly died She feel sadness crept to her heart further, does it because her presence?

Does she so cursed that this beautiful light even engulfed by her existence? The ball of light not died But she can sense it She can tell the light and the power inside it never once dimmed, never once it broken or died. Instead, it become more tamed, more clean and more controlled And the light take a shape His hair is bright Despite the color same like hers but it more bright, and more colorful.

White short sleeved cape that fluttering on part of it tail cover his body, followed by his legs that clad in simple long blue pants, with some kind of holster on it left. The Allied Shinobi Forces had used the Tomegane no Jutsu to watch the battle from afar via a giant crystal ball and cheered for the Hokage's victory.

Naruto smiled toward his friends at the very front of the crowd. Madara turned his head and when he saw that sight he swore that since he was going to die he would make the man who had ruined his plans suffer before he did.

He lifted his weakened arms and began forming handseals for the attack that would cause his chakra to go down to absolute zero, which would kill him instantly, But he didn't care as long as he could carry out his vengence before he died.

A black tear appeared in the air a few meters away from Naruto. The technique drained the last of his chakra and his body went limp as the Allied Shinobi raced toward them with horrified looks. The tear closed with no chakra to sustain it, several shinobi who knew Naruto personally dropped to their knees in stared in shock and the konoha shinobi collectively bowed their heads in silent vigil for their lost leader. Hinata, a person who loved Naruto since they were children, cried out and sobbed while her friends tried to comfort her while suffering their own grief.

But those who were suffering the most where his teacher Kakashi and his teamates Sakura, who buried her head into the chest of a redeemed Sasuke Uchiha who was close to tears as his team but held them back as not to upset Sakura even more, and finally Sai who did shed tears for the man he respected more than anyone since his brother was resurrected by Kabuto eariler in the war.

Others who had known Naruto suffered in silent tears and others in loud sobs. From that day foward, they all agreed that it the man known as Naruto Uzumaki was the greatest Hokage, as well as the greatest shinobi, their world had ever seen.

The four remaining Kage then and there told the army that the alliance would continue permenantly and peace would finally reign in the Shinobi world and they would see themselves not as individual villages but as a single people united. It was this day that became known throughout the ninja world as the greatest and saddest event in their history. The army began to move out, some went to spread the news of the events that that had transpired while the others marched to Konoha to prepare a funeral of their fallen hero.

However, as he was approaching he noticed that it was starting to close. He quickly used his chakra to enhance his decent before he was trapped in this place for eternity. He fell through the opening just as it closed and now found himself falling at terminal velocity toward what he assumed was the ocean. He knew if he hit the water from the height he was falling then he would die. He quickly drew on the Jubi's god-like chakra and formed his signiture golden Sage of Six Paths cloak and sent several chakra arms that acted as supports on the waters surface to slow his rate of decent and allowed him to gentle lower himself onto the waters surface.

He then took in his surroundings and used his knowledge of the situation and what he knew of Jikukan Ninjutsu, he deduced that Madara had intended to trap him in that dimensional void for eternity. But thankfully it had also ripped a secondary tear to this place, which was probably a completely different world from his own.