My little pony meet the ponies parties and pets

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my little pony meet the ponies parties and pets

Explore your favorite content from My Little Pony. My Little Pony: Party of One Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Style . In the quaint, fairytale village of PONYVILLE, TWILIGHT SPARKLE meets 5 new ponies, and through funny, offbeat experiences. My Little Pony Meet the Mane 6 Ponies Collection: Toys & Games. My Little Pony: The Movie Pinkie Pie & Princess Skystar Party Friends Set. Her friends came in and greeted her saying that they were all ready for Toola- Roola's art session as they were going to.

But then, they hear something strange in the room and each one of them gets scared on what's making the strange noise. But it all turned to be a mouse hiding behind Starsong's tape recorder. In the end, their slumber party is a success, and they decide not to sleep and continue the party. Scootaloo's Party[ edit ] Scootaloo and Pinkie Pie are both taking a walk down the streets of Ponyville until Scootaloo decides she's hosting her own party, asking Pinkie Pie to help her.

Pinkie Pie agrees as Scootaloo decides to throw an outdoor party for her friends. As they both think, Pinkie Pie feels dizzy on Scootaloo's doings and gets an idea, saying that Scootaloo should do an all activity outdoor party.

As the party started, everyone in Ponyville competes in several athletic events.

my little pony meet the ponies parties and pets

At the end of the competition, Scootaloo can't decide who to give the award to, but decides that she wins and she gets the trophy. In the end, everyone is happy, especially Scootaloo. Starsong's Party[ edit ] Starsong is in the town square practicing her singing skills with Pinkie Pie hearing her sing gracefully. Their friends then go to see Starsong sing and admire her skills. Starsong states that she will have a karaoke party, but Sweetie Belle steps out, saying that she's gonna ruin the party.

Cheerilee explains to Sweetie Belle about Starsong's singing talent and why she was like Sweetie Belle once, being shy about her singing skills.

my little pony meet the ponies parties and pets

She also explains that Starsong once danced and sang inside her house until Pinkie Pie decided to host a sing and dance party. But since Starsong is shy, she cannot perform over an audience and Pinkie Pie encourages her to practice backstage until she lifted out the curtains. Everyone in Ponyville sees her sing and dance for the first time and they cheering on her skills as a performer. Starsong is surprised but also happy and everyone sang along with her.

After hearing Cheerilee's story, Sweetie Belle decides to join in the party. Toola-Roola's Party[ edit ] Toola-Roola is decorating the table with plates until she hears the doorbell. Her friends came in and greeted her saying that they were all ready for Toola-Roola's art session as they were going to paint and decorate their own plates. Everyone started to decorate and paint their own plates as they use their imagination on the design they're using.

my little pony meet the ponies parties and pets

After the art session, Toola-Roola said to her friends to put some placecards with their cutie marks on them so they can tell whose plate is whom as they leave and wait for the paint to dry. However, the wind blows the cards onto the floor and Toola-Roola can't figure out which plate belongs to which pony. Pinkie Pie comes in and sees the mess, and as Toola puts the placecards back to their respective plates with Pinkie's help, everyone comes back to see the plates so they can start the party, only they find out that the plates got mixed up.

In the end, Toola-Roola learns to be more responsible next time and the ponies finally got to enjoy the cake, and their plates.

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You'd better be prepared to step up your game! The first test is that of speed, a race around a track which a falcon wins. The second test is a test of agility across an obstacle course in which a hummingbird wins.

My Little Pony: Meet the Ponies - Wikipedia

The third test is of guts, where the pets have to get Opal's favorite mouse toy away from her. The butterfly easily achieves this by mesmerizing Opal into a daze, then stealing her toy. The fourth test is of style, which is done by having Rainbow pose in a snapshot with each of the animals. It is not revealed which animal passes this test. The fifth test is of coolness, where Rainbow judges the animals by their calls, of which the eagle wins.

Meet the Ponies

The sixth test is of awesomeness, which the owl wins because of his ability to rotate his head. The seventh test is of radicalness, in which the bat plays the My Little Pony theme song on a glass harmonicaamong feats by the other contestants. At this point, the tortoise has come out last on every test and Rainbow urges him to go home. Ghastly Gorge The final competition, at the starting line of Ghastly Gorge.

Still unable to choose, Rainbow decides to hold a race in Ghastly Gorge, pitting the last four contestants, the eagle, the falcon, the owl, and the bat against her, with the tortoise tagging along with the other contestants.

Rainbow tells them that whichever contestant crosses the finish line with her has proven that it can keep up with her, and is worthy of being her pet. The flying pets remain very close during the race, while the tortoise is last, sweating as he tries to catch up with Rainbow.

The falcon gets stuck in bramble bushes, but the bat, eagle, and owl make it through. The falcon catches up later with his wing curled up. Near the caves with the quarray eelsthe bat is almost devoured but manages to get away.

While distracted, Rainbow hits a wall, and there is a rock slide. The racers suddenly get ahead of Rainbow while she falls behind with her wing stuck underneath a large rock. She desperately calls for help, stuck under the boulder with no one to help her. She spots the tortoise slowly approaching her, and laments about how she'll have to spend the rest of her life with the tortoise as well as being trapped by a rock.

The tortoise digs a small hole under the rock and sticks his head in it. Weeping, Rainbow completely gives up hope. The tortoise, however, lifts the rock with his head, freeing Rainbow's wing. It was all worth sticking around in the "dreadful dust".

my little pony meet the ponies parties and pets

At the finish line, Rainbow's friends await her arrival. Noticing that only the four racers finish the race, they begin to worry about Rainbow. Applejack spots a rock slide through Twilight's binoculars, but also spots Rainbow riding on the tortoise with her right wing bandaged. Rainbow and the tortoise finish the race, and the other ponies tell Rainbow to meet her new pet, the falcon. However, Rainbow doesn't feel right with the falcon as her pet, even if it is everything she wanted.

She says that her pet would be the one that finished the race with her, and the tortoise is the only one who did so. With this in mind, she accepts the tortoise as her new pet, thanking him for saving her. The sad falcon shakes hands so to speak with the tortoise and leaves.

Rainbow then asks Spike to take a note for Princess Celestiatelling her that she learned the most important quality in a pet, or in any friend is not how cool they are or how much they can do, but is a kind of spirit that will stand by her. At the end of the episode, Rainbow now joins the rest of her friends in their pet playdate. Rainbow's tortoise is then shown wearing a helicopter hat, flying to the park after Fluttershy points out that Rainbow wanted a pet that can keep up with her, and she names him Tank.

Quotes For more quotes, see the episode's transcript.