Mermaid melody rina and masahiro meet

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mermaid melody rina and masahiro meet

Rina Toin and Masahiro Hamasaki are a romantic couple in the anime and manga of Mermaid Melody. History Pure Coming soon Gallery Add a photo to this. Before returing to her kingdom, Rina got married and had a son. Rina was a mermaid, and although she wanted to tell Masahiro the truth, she couldn't. . I knew there was something special about you since the day we met. Gave some love to my Mermaid Melody OTP Masahiro and Rina of That was the day she'd met him, Rina thought with a small smile as she.

She walked along the beach shore the waves gently and barely touching her boots as the sun came down sending a shine throughout the sea. Rina couldn't help it anymore, it called out to her, she found higher ground and dived into the water, her home, the only place where she could really feel whole.

Masahiro Hamasaki

She swam around and found a rock to perch herself on. The melody ran through her heart as she gently sang, "Nagareboshi ni negai wo kaketa Nanatsu no hikari mitsukedashite Hanarebanare ni natta JUERII SUTAA Unmei to iu kizuna wo shinjiteru Tsumetai nami ni toketa namida no yukue wa Dare ni mo kizukarenai mama sotto awa to kiete itta Nakushita mono wo sagashiteru kokoro ga setsunai Midori no ame ni tsutsumarete utaitsudzukeru Song for You! She dived in, away from his penetrating eyes into the welcoming depths of the sea.

Though it seemed the more he wanted to get closer to her; the more she pushed him away. That was why he didn't tell her that he knew; she would surely shut him out forever.

I love you…" Masahiro closed his eyes, he would never give up on her; he wanted too much to be with her for that. Rina swam as far away from the beach as she could; hoping that when she returned to it; he would be gone. How the crying brought her relief; how the crying brought her sorrow.

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She swam back; not caring if he was there anymore or not; she did not want to be there anymore. As she got out of the water and regained her legs again, she stared in shock as Masahiro approached her, only a meter away.

All I want is for you to open your heart to me! Tell me about your feelings and why you are so sad! Please, Rina-chan…" She put a finger to his mouth. He stared at her for a moment, and then embraced her.

mermaid melody rina and masahiro meet

Her sent was of lilies mixed with the sea's cool waters and the way she felt against his body felt warm and welcoming. While swimming away with her best friend, Noel Aiiro [Indigo] Pearl Voiceshe was about to be captured by Gaito and Yuuri until Noel pushed Rina out of the way; Noel told Rina to get away to land and find help, allowing her to escape. Because of this, Rina felt guilty for Noel having been captured, and the mermaids of the Antarctic Ocean, including their princess Caren, incorrectly believe that Rina had abandoned Noel to get to safety.

This story is proven false when Caren is rescued from the clutches of the Black Beauty Sisters, and so the animosity between them comes to an end. Pure Rina begins to fall in love and meets a manly guy named Masahiro Hamasaki.

Personality Rina has a very serious and fearless personality. At the beginning of the series, she is seen as a loner and acts a little bit like a tomboy at first, but later warms up to Lucia, Hanon and Kaito.

mermaid melody rina and masahiro meet

Rina does not at first have interest in finding love like Lucia and Hanon do, but eventually comes to like Masahiro Hamasaki later in the series.

Because of her "cool attitude" and beauty, Rina is admired by all her classmates, which brings out her honest and loyal nature. Many people believe she has the best voice out of all the mermaids.

mermaid melody rina and masahiro meet

Rina's mature, steady, and delicate nature shows a cheerful heart and she is very intelligent. One way this shoes is that she is very interested in comedy, often watching skits and other shows of that type on television and going out to local comedy performances. Even so, all of this hides that she is haunted by the incident of her palace being destroyed and Noel being captured.

As a result of this incident, Rina has trouble telling people about her problems.

mermaid melody rina and masahiro meet

Appearance In her human form, she has grey eyes. But in her mermaid and idol, form she has green eyes. In her human, mermaid, and idol form, she has seaweed green hair, but in her idol and mermaid form it is much longer, she wears a green shell necklace around her neck containing her green pearl. Forms and Aspects As a mermaid, Rina has to transform into a human in order to stay on land. When she is facing a sea monster, she transforms into her idol form, Green Pearl Voice, and uses her voice as an offense.

Her two songs are Star Jewel and Piece of Love. However, there was one little secret that could destroy Masahiro's and Rina's relationship.

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Rina was a mermaid, and although she wanted to tell Masahiro the truth, she couldn't. For if a mermaid willingly reveals her identity to a human, they will be reduced to bubbles. Keeping this a secret from her beloved tore Rina apart inside. So the young mermaid left her room and strolled through the halls of the hotel she called home.

In the lobby, Rina came across her best friend Lucia. She was rubbing her forehead with one hand, and had an aspirin in the other. Lucia grabbed Rina's shoulder. She looked Rina right in the eye and asked, "Rina, what's wrong? Lucia, what made you take a chance with Kaito? How do you know what to do with your life? Rina, you're a very good person, and you deserve to be happy.

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Just do what your heart tells you to do. And with that, Rina was out of the hotel. The outside world seemed peaceful at this time of night. Stars shined brightly in the sky, the air was cool, no wind was blowing and the waves by the beach were calm and gave off a soothing sound. With a breath of the air and the waves in her ears, Rina had already felt a little better. It was then that Rina headed for the end of one of the docks and checked to be sure that no one was nearby.

Once she knew the coast was clear, Rina dived into the ocean. She lost her clothes and legs, then grew a green fish tail.

mermaid melody rina and masahiro meet

This was Rina as a mermaid. The waters had a slight chill in them tonight, but Rina didn't care. For now she was going to swim and let her emotions fly free. Since there wasn't a fish to be seen, the mermaid had the sea to herself. Rina swam in zig-zags, loopty-loops and twirls. At one point she even leaped out of the water, and into the air.