Meet mike and amy

Mike and Amy King's Team

meet mike and amy

Mike and Amy King's Team. Meet Mike King, Broker and Amy King, Realtor. Amy and Mike met in the mid 's when they both worked for Fannie Mae. Meet our family and friends who will be walking down the aisle with us! Amy looked forward to every other weekend when Sarah was with them. Over the. In late April, Mike told Amy that they were going to meet a friend of his down at the Seattle waterfront for a day out on his friend's boat. Surprise surprise, the.

They spent the better part of a year to make it "livable". Mike is also a builder and remodeler. He and Amy performed most of the work themselves and they have expanded and improved the property through the years.

They remain there today.

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Mike and Amy have two sons, John and Sam, who are currently attending college. Amy indicated, "One of the benefits of working together in real estate has been the ability to spend plenty of time with our family. As with most real estate couples, their conversation rarely wanders too far from the "business".

Fortunately, they both enjoy the daily challenges of running a business and the ever changing real estate market.

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They opened their own brokerage, King Real Estate, Inc. We expect to thrive regardless of market conditions. There are always opportunities for companies that consistently provide good service. This is a great market to sell real estate.

Mike and Amy King's Team

I feel very good about our prospects. We are here when you need real estate help. Vik is great at making travel plans and giving the bride ideas on where to honeymoon.

She shares Amy's excitement about exploring new places and is very trustworthy. Charlotte Dowsett - Bridesmaid Charlotte and the bride have been friends since they were Charlotte is very generous and is a great loyal friend. Dani Doughty - Bridesmaid Dani and the bride met at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va when they were both studying for their undergraduate degrees.

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They met in a personality theory class. Dani is one of the most kind and thoughtful people you could meet. She is a younger cousin to Amy and Cherie. Kate is always studying and loves animals just as much as Amy.


They have been friends for over 10 years. Even though Amy and Hayley live far apart they always seem to manage to see each other at least once a year. Hayley always sees the best in others and is uplifting to be around Liz Brown - Bridesmaid Liz and the bride met in graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va.

meet mike and amy

Liz was in the same graduate program as the groom and Amy was a bridesmaid in her wedding. She was warm and welcoming to Amy when she moved to Richmond and is a supportive friend Gabby Dettre - Flower Girl Half sister of the bride.

Alexa Dettre - Flower Girl half sister of the bride.

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Tsuki - Dog of honor The bride and grooms first pet and dog together. He is the diva of the party. Tom has always been a selfless friend to Mike.

meet mike and amy