Meet home and away cast chatswood house

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meet home and away cast chatswood house

Home and Away Tours: Self Drive to the Home and Away Set - See 78 Hotels near Roseville Station · Hotels near Chatswood Station · Hotels near . 11am then Ross said go walk around ur self meet and greet actors and come NOTHING!, then at we got back on bus and he took us to see brax house and John. There are two main locations where Home and Away is filmed, the studio in of Summer Bay seen in Home and Away, the outsides of some of the houses, Weather, actors availability and schedules dictate when filming occurs. and outdoor (Summer Bay – Palm Beach) sets during the day to meet filming requirements. You may even get meet some of the cast and watch the filming in action. You'll also visit the seaside town of Manly and see other renowned surfing beaches.

The Cast - Senior Moments

We were told we were getting back on the bus so most left hand bags on and then we walked to the cafe where we were told we had a short amount of time to buy snacks. We had to track down the bus to get our stuff.

For some bizarre reason there was a lot of dead fish on the beach that day, which I now always think about when I see Nate on the show striding down the beach! If you have your heart set on getting any great merchandise you will be disappointed.

Sydney Home and Away, Summer Bay (Palm Beach) Film Set Tour from $ • Tours To Go

Alfs bait shop has a few bits and pieces and if your lucky enough the cafe at the surf club sells the most, but nothing great. Shirt, key rings and a few bits and pieces. I think they are missing out on this opportunity. We then drove back past a couple of houses and through some lovely scenery.

meet home and away cast chatswood house

We drove past the rock pool where charlotte is shot and they advertise photos here but we didn't stop. It was a lovely scenic drive back to Bondi.

Overall the tour was okay. Staff friendly and have been working on Home and Away in some way for many years. It was good to hear their stories, but people want their own memories. They came over to where we were all watching and I managed to get my photo taken with them. Shortly afterwards I saw Emily Symons coming out of the trailer nearby!

Official Home and Away Tour of Summer Bay

It was quite surreal actually seeing her and Lynne McGranger close-up after seeing them on Home and Away since I was a child. As we drove away from the beach we saw another scene up the road being filmed!

This one appeared to involve VJ and Marilyn. As we drove past Emily waved at us as we left and I felt pretty chuffed to have seen the two scenes being filmed.

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They were very informative and new their stuff. Even though we didn't get to meet any of the actors, we did get to see a bit of filming from afar. They were up front from the start about not getting our hopes up as it is the luck of the draw, but they did their best to get the most out of the visit.

It was so exciting to see part of the set like the Pier diner and the surf club in real life. Being shown around this part of Sydney and seeing all the beautiful scenery was amazing and really added to the tour.

The Original/Local Home and Away & Summerbay Film Set Tour operators. 6hrs.

Kylie Everest Myself Laura, Husband Matthew and my sister Ceri are big fans and always watch home and away in the UK, so when we got the chance to travel Australia in November we had to do the home and away tour experience.

The tour guide we had was brilliant telling us lots of interesting facts about the show and cast.

meet home and away cast chatswood house

It was a beautiful day at the bay and we got the chance to see some filming and even had some photos with some of the cast which made the day! It was an amazing experience for us which we will never forget. Laura Tinsley I would like to say a big thank you for the amazing experience I got when visiting the bay.

I do love the show and when I decided to go on a trip to Australia that was the first thing that I looked into doing. The staff was lovely, with a good information on the set, the location was lovely just a shame the day I went was the only day that was Raining in 3 weeks being out there.

I love the idea of dropping us off in manly and got the ferry back to see the sites.

meet home and away cast chatswood house

The whole experience was soo good. I was upset that I didn't get to see any filming or the cast.