Meet chris and martin kratt bio

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meet chris and martin kratt bio

The real-life Chris and Martin introduce each Wild Kratts episode with a live action segment that imagines what it would be like to experience a never-. Article on enormous popularity of Martin and Chris Kratt, hosts of PBS started traveling around the world and meeting all these animals,'' Martin said. choices -- Chris has a biology degree from Carlton College, Martin a. Contact. Newsletter Signup · Contact · Wild Kratts Live! Join the Creature Adventure! TOUR. NEW MAY TOUR DATES JUST ANNOUNCED!.

The Kratt Brothers produced two seasons of their primetime series for families, Kratt Brothers: This program carries the trademark of all Kratt Brothers' initiatives: Real-life "creature adventurers" Chris and Martin travel to remote regions to live with wild animals - on the creatures' turf and by their rules.

Chris and Martin have written and directed 26 one-hour episodes of this series as well as functioning as wildlife cameramen and executive producers.

Meet the Characters

Wild Kratts features the brothers on incredible expeditions to meet wild creatures from the far corners of the earth.

Diving into the habitats of these unusual animals with the use of futuristic technology and creature Power Suits that allow the brothers to take their funny and exciting adventures to where they've never gone before. Major corporations have seen the value in the Kratt Brothers brand. The Kratt Brothers Co.

meet chris and martin kratt bio

The Kratt Brothers national zoo tour, sponsored by Old Navy and the Gap Foundation, raised one million dollars for the creation of a wildlife refuge for grizzly bears, which is administered by the Kratt Brothers Creature Hero Society.

Chris and Martin Kratt have made efforts to parlay their celebrity to benefit wildlife conservation by founding their not-for-profit foundation mentioned above; and by acting as spokespeople for International Year of the Coral Reef and Dawn Save a Ducks Program.

meet chris and martin kratt bio

The basic plot of the series is usually to save the animals from various situations, be it villains, general human influence, or confusion on a baby animal's part. Along the way, viewers learn about the animals and their lives, as the Kratt brothers and the Wild Kratts gang including the Kratts, Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy figure out ways to either right wrongs or to get out of the strange and always amusing situations they find themselves in.

They are available for purchase at the venue's official ticket link.

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Please visit our Tour Dates page to find the official link. What is a VIP ticket? All VIP tickets include a pass to the Kratt Brothers meet and greet event, which takes place approximately 15 minutes after the end of the performance.

Each adult and child must have a VIP ticket to gain entry to the meet and greet. VIP ticket holders meet with Martin and Chris separately, who are seated at nearby tables. They receive a personalized autographed color photo and can take quick family photos with their cameras.

There are no more VIP tickets available, what should I do?

Wild Kratts . Meet the Characters | PBS Parents

Please make sure to get your VIP tickets early, they are usually the first ones to go. The Kratt Brothers would love to meet with everyone!

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Does my child require a ticket to the show? For most shows, children under months old are permitted to sit in the lap of an accompanying adult without an additional ticket charge for Wild Kratts Live! Please check with your local venue before purchasing tickets as venue policies may differ. I found tickets but the prices seem high? Unfortunately, this is common with live events. Please be sure to visit the official ticket link from the venue as scalper websites do often look very similar.

To access the official ticket link, please visit our Tour Dates page and click on the "Find Tickets" button under your city.

meet chris and martin kratt bio

The show is geared to a younger audience, but Wild Kratts Live! I would love to see Wild Kratts Live! When are you coming to my city? We're always adding new tour datesplease keep checking this page and "Like" our Facebook page for live tour updates. You can also check with your local venue.