Harry and ginny meet after the war fanfiction twilight

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harry and ginny meet after the war fanfiction twilight

Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination So, this takes place after the Hogwarts Battle and during the events of as our books kinda went missing but still sticking to the Harry Potter books. . It was an awkward first meeting, that's for sure, but that had been a week ago and she seemed nice. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination HP and Twilight crossover. a few months after the final battle Ginny, George George would be the guardian of Ginny and Harry who would attend Forks High School. . The rest of the day went by quickly and soon they all met up in the parking lot. After a few years they move to Forks where they meet Sheriff Swan. Rated: Fiction M (Dreams). After the war Harry took in his godson Teddy.

Severus to was pissed. He had finally came to terms with the fact that he could not blame an innocent child with what his father had done to him. He was starting to care for the young man and even the young child he took care of. Kingsley arrested all three of them and then Severus gave them all veritasium. Kingsley started with the youngest first. I am going to be the next Lady Potter, I'll be famous and rich" Everyone was angry at her.

They all knew that Harry was gay. They never knew how shallow and disturbed Ginny was. Kingsley turned to Ron next. He refused to marry my sister to give us his money and he kept all that fame to himself. He is now taking care of a werewolf. He is letting that thing near my family and I won't have it. They thought they had raised them to be opened minded people. Everyone started to get very angry and they didn't want to hear what Hermione was going to say.

Harry's gay and Teddy is a half werewolf. Plus since Harry isn't going to marry Ginny, I won't get any money. They couldn't believe what they just heard. Even Severus was looking at them in disbelief. Those freaks deserve to die. All three were cuffed, and had magical dampers placed on them, levitated and Kingsley left.

Everyone turned and saw that Bill was trying to calm Harry down. Severus gave Bill a calming draught and Bill forced Harry to drink it.

Harry calmed down a few seconds later. It was an awkward first meeting, that's for sure, but that had been a week ago and she seemed nice. We could see the effects of the break-up, but we didn't look any better either. Both Ginny and I were thin, the ghosts of our pasts shown on our face. Today, was the first day at the muggle high school known as Forks High and it was also the school Bella attended. We did have the choice of going back to Hogwarts and continuing our studies there, but we wanted the fresh start, and so, with the help of magic and Charlie, we had enrolled into Forks High and gave the school a cover-story, saying that we were half-sisters that were home-schooled by our parents, until they passed away.

It was partly true, and it was needed. Although Ginny was a year younger, we had managed to convince the school to place her in the same year as Bella and myself, saying that because we were home-schooled, we both learnt the same things. I bet he would say that it's a good idea that I'm learning about muggles and their way of learning education. He'd say to learn as much as I can and then report to him as soon as the day is done. Ginny then stopped, her eyes glistening.

We can start fresh here…I don't know if I am in denial or just wanting to start everything over so badly but I know that we going to be okay here…there's something about this place that lets me know that we're going to be fine and that we will learn to heal…" I assured her. What happened to her that made her scream in pure agony? If I'm honest, I don't think I want to know. By the sounds of it, it pretty awful…" "It was and I would appreciate you not talking about it We both turned to the doorway, only to see Bella, dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a brown t-shirt, staring at us.

She raised her hands. All I know about you is that you're both witches and that's awesome, but I also know that your people had just won a war and of course that would leave scars…like the one on your forehead…which is an awesome scar by the way…but I can relate.

And I agree…and I know have bad dreams, so do you…I may scream in my sleep, but so do you…when you tell me about the war, I'll tell you about Edward…my ex…oh god…" I nodded, thoughtful about her words.

It was true that we had nightmares that made us all wake up in the night screaming. Poor Charlie had a lot to deal with, but he was there for all of us. Ginny and myself are survivors of a war and you're the survivor of a really bad break-up.

Sounds like a punchline for a movie…Survivors! Oh, wait, isn't that a TV show? I rolled my eyes and huffed in mock annoyance. Listen, I am sorry about my behaviour when you guys first got here.

I wasn't myself…I know that now. But I'm willing to make it up to you and first, we need proper introductions I know that we have a long way to get to know each other, but I am looking forward to it. She had been a bit out of it when Uncle Charlie came to pick us up at the airport in the town of Port Angeles. At first I blamed the break-up but no-one could be that rude and snarky.

But after Uncle Charlie threatened to return her to her mother, I noticed some changes in her. It's amazing though, as both Ginny and I had only been in Forks for a week, and had seen Bella miraculously change before our eyes.

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Yes, maybe Ginny and I did make a rash decision moving here, but with most of friends gone, we really didn't have a choice. During our week here, we had gotten to know Charlie well and although I could call him Uncle, I wasn't quite there yet. Bella rolled her eyes and held out her hand to Ginny. From what Charlie, sorry Dad, told me, he said that your war was devastating and that you lost a lot of people.

I can't imagine losing my parents…even though one is like in another state but I still can't imagine not ever being able to talk to my mother or have dinner with Charlie…so, I'm sorry. What is wrong with that saying? I shivered, knowing she was right. In fact, Hermione had been all for the move to America.

She had returned to us from her stay with her parents just to help us move. We had placed charms over both the Burrow and Grimmuald Place, knowing that one day we would be back and converted more than half of our savings at Gringotts into muggle money and helped us open a joint account.

With myself being sole beneficiary of Sirius's savings and my own family savings, we didn't need Ginny's and so she packed hers away safely and really, we both had money to last us several lifetimes. Hermione had even suggested that we'd buy a place instead of moving into Charlie's three bedroom house, but I then suggested that if she would come, then we would.

But she didn't, though I still had the hope that one day she would join us. I think the war did her head in…" Ginny teased. Although I was annoyed at their teasing, my heart leapt a little when she joked about the battle.

I gave her a small smile and she returned it, somehow knowing what I was thinking. Although Ginny and I weren't as close as Hermione, Ron and I were, we had become closer and I considered her a sister. After everyone had either left or passed away, she and I were the only two left and stuck together. She may not have been with me during my time on the run and the hunt for the horcruxes, but she was here with me now and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ginny and I nodded to her. We had gone shopping the day before for all our school supplies, plus clothes to help us fit in at school. I don't think that robes were exactly appropriate school attire and so we had brought things to make us fit into our new lifestyle. For today, I had on a long grey maxi skirt, a white patterned shirt and my book bag was leather and brown.

I put my feet in beige coloured flats and slipped on my denim jacket, checking myself in the mirror. My ebony hair was pulled up in a messy bun, and I had on a pair of contacts, which had been magicked to stay in place.

harry and ginny meet after the war fanfiction twilight

I missed my round-eye glasses, but Ginny had suggested that contacts were better than my glasses. My lightning bolt shaped scar still rested above my forehead and I wondered if I should glamour it, but shook my head no. There were other scars that were visible on my body and it would seem strange to just glamour the bolt and not the others. I rubbed the scar that was on my hand, wondering if I should glamour that.

While the bolt may seem strange, having the words 'I Must Not Tell Lies' permanently on my hand was even more strange, but instead, I just pulled the sleeve down and hoped that no-one would take notice. Ginny must have sensed my worry. I noticed that Bella bit her lip and I frowned. Not that I mind, but what happens if someone spots it or something?

I mean I know that you know about us but if someone spots it, we can just obliviate their memories…" "Oh…okay…" Bella said, shocked. I looked to Ginny, who was pulling on her brown leather boots. She was wearing black jeans, a white tank shirt and a rust cardigan. Her book bag was black and it was a backpack. She picked up her black wood wand and placed inside her boots and smiled at us. Well, it felt like that as we walked out of the head office and on our way to our first class.

We had arrived to the school and had met the principal and got our timetable for our classes. Both Lexie and I were relieved to know that most of our classes were with Bella, and that Bella was apparently our 'buddy', which was the person who had to show us around the school and help us settle in.

It was quite overwhelming, being in a muggle school. So unlike Hogwarts… I so wished I could go back, but I needed a new start. The death of my parents was hard, not just on myself, Bill and George, but on Lexie too, as she had considered Mum and Dad as her own parents. But although I missed them, I couldn't bear to be in the house that beared their memories. The war had been over for three months, but it still felt like yesterday.

So, when Lexie asked me to accompany her to America, I said yes, grateful for the opportunity. Lexie Potter was truly a brave soul with the heart of a lion, even though her animagnus was a dire wolf. I bet that if she was a male, she'd be a lion.

I giggled to myself as I thought of my best friend as a male.

harry and ginny meet after the war fanfiction twilight

I saw Lexie frown. She rolled her eyes. We then reached a classroom, and it looked like small science classroom. Students were already sitting at the tables that were lined up and the teacher, a man with a moustache smiled at Bella, who introduced us to the teacher, whose name was Mr Molina. Bella nodded to us and walked away, heading to an empty seat next to a boy with blonde hair.

They are from Britain and will be joining this class. Girls, there's an empty table behind Bella there, so just head there.

I know dad is excited to see you. Who are your friends? I thought you said there were more of them.

Will you guys come over for dinner? You can bring some people if you'd like. Merlin knows the house is big enough! Jake go tell the other boys and they can come to. But fair warning you might want to make extra the boys eat like wolves.

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I'll see you guys then. Its just th…" she was cut off by the doorbell. She walked over to the door and opened it. Glad you could make it. Dean, Amarissa, and Liberty are going to stop by everyone and a while they aren't staying though. The night went on successfully. Her family and friends got along great and to soon it was time for them to leave. Everyone was staring at them as they got out of their cars and walked towards their first classes.

When Hermione and Harry got to their first period class there was two seats open, one next to a pixie like girl and the other by a boy with bronze hair.

They both had gold eyes so Hermione guessed they were related. Granger you can go take a seat next to Mr.