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fiona and finn meet fanfiction search

After Cake enrolls her in a prestegious Academy, Fionna soon meets the Class Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Friendship - Finn, Marshall Lee, through its jumbled contents searching for her crystal sword inside. Dr. Bonnibel helps when Marceline meets the wrong end of a knife. With Finn and Fiona along with Marshal Lee and Marceline Bonnie and Benny even Cake, . That poll will still be up so if Finn and Jake end up taking the lead, I'll post a a hard time understanding how Fionna and Cake ended up ultimately meeting. Women fighting their way through crowds to find their missing.

A beacon of blue moves steadfast across the dull grey earth towards the single lost temple. The traveler is worn and ragged climbing the last of the temple's stone steps with high spirits. A smile twists onto his colorless lips, his thin pale fingers squeezing onto the scroll even tighter.

The strange blue man tucks away his old scroll and marches on, unopposed by anyone or thing on this lonely island. A forgotten rock in the vast ocean shrouded in shadows and ghosts, in secrets; and the yet seen schemes of one Ice King.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction search

Within the massive domed construct, time and nature have equally taken their toll as with outside. In time, even the doom itself will finally meet its end, crumbling to the earth in a mess of rusted metal and sandstone.

No indication of the majesty or even the purpose of this temple remains to be reasoned; only fine grains of dust on worn marble floor. Bare feet crunch across the fine sand, scurrying along to the heart of the dome. There lays the largest pile of dust and decay, and the old king makes haste to claw and dig his way through it.

Steadily the dirt is cleared away, the pushing and pulling causing it to trickle like an hourglass, down some unseen cavity.

Ice King's icy nails finally scratch across the surface of hidden wooden planks. Eagerly, his long boney fingers curl around a heavy metal ring attached to the wood piece. With a firm grasp and mighty tug the concealed door not only gives way, but splinters in two from rot.

Damaged or not, the trapdoor reveals the hidden stairwell at last. Giggles akin to a school girl bubble up with in the old wizard as he drops down into the portal. Ice King hurries down a flight of spiraling metal and stone stairs, down into the darkness seeping out from below. Decay and ruin is decidedly less in the lower levels, but still caked with dust and grim. The stairwell is cocooned in a cylinder of metal, not that Ice King can particularly tell in the pitch dark of this passage.

Deeper and deeper he descends into darkness until with a thump and a yell he tumbles down the remaining steps. His scratchy deep voice complains and he gingerly rubs his tender behind, drowning out the native hum of this underground lair. Hissing steadily fills the dark, easily ignored by the peculiar old man until a bright white light flashes over head. The low sound grows into a buzz as several more lights burst to life overhead, blinking down a long hallway. After a moment or so the passageway is illuminated by evenly placed, but erratically flickering lights.

The glow is unnaturally cold and forces the king to shield his elderly eyes from the harsh white that reflects on metal walls and floors. Dusting his royal blue robes off, Ice King follows the trail of lights to a massive vault door and a handle shaped much like a ship's steering wheel.

The King studies the large door for a moment, poking and twisting the handle a little before attempting to open the large strongroom. With all of his strength he only accomplishes a grunt and whimper echoing down the hall.

Huffing and puffing, Ice King tries again, throwing up his skeletal legs for leverage, but still the door refuses to give way.

Running a claw through his long white beard, the Ice King settles on what he knows best for solutions. Fingers glowing with icy power, he places his wizard hands upon the steel wall, letting ice crystals creep and crawl across the surface. Steadily the vault door and hall drop to below freezing temperatures, the safe moaning and crying in protest. Still the temperature drops further, causing the bright white lights above to begin popping and shattering under the extreme cold.

Finally the old wizard deems the temperature just right and with a tiny tap of his claw, shatters the door like tiny shards of glass. As casually as walking through his own snowy home, Ice King enters the last room, where he will ultimately find his goal. It's quite plain for something quite sizable that could have stored a whole treasure trove of wealth and secrets.

But amidst the shadows of this dimly lit box is only one noticeable treasure, displayed on a tall square pedestal with a single spot light overhead. It is nothing but a lackluster teapot… or gravy boat the Ice King can't be sure.

A sickly green patina encases its shape and any design or engraving once adorning it is long since unrecognizable.

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Undeterred, Ice King beholds the lamp in one hand, while fumbling with his yellowed parchment in the other. He skims the worn paper for instruction, mumbling to himself again, "Now, how do you summon this thing?

Come on people, throw me a bone already…" A growl escapes his dried lips when no answers reveal themselves and moves instead to handling the item with both hands and studying it up close. Fumbling again with the items in his hands, the Ice Kings kneads and turns the treasure in his palms until slowly steam begins to pour from the mouth.

Cake is like the same thing. Finn thought of how can there be another person just like them. Finn looked at smiling Fionna. Her face is insanely like his. So are you right.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction search

I've never met another human before. I'm the only human in Aaa. That's why they call me Fionna 'the human'. Did you expect me to be a kick-butt humanoid with laser eyes and powerful fist powers?! I'm the only human in Ooo too and I thought that. But, hey, at least now you finally get to have your first encounter with another living human. I think she's human.

He hoped that they'll be just in PB's castle. But wouldn't it be so rhombus to see a place where we should be living at. Finn didn't want to think about Beautopia and other humans they might find there. Finn doesn't want to leave the candy kingdom, and Jake, and Marceline, and PB.

Well, I thought about that too. Why did they abandon it? And what are those freaks? The mutants, I mean. But, all your questions is making my brain go all mash potatoes.

You might be tired. Finn and Fionna already prepared camp for the night. I, like, really need to text Marlon about this awesome lump chick. She's like, totally hot. Those are like garbage. You can have it too. I got some itches where you don't wanna know.

I'm all about pizza! Fionna noticed Finn looking at her and her mouth full of pizza. Fionna smiled at him. I'm making this one a little darker than any other AT fic I've been writing. No, this is not a gender-cross. So pardon me if I sound similar to everyone else but, rest assured, I'm not trying to copy anybody. And for those of you who read my fanfic Bad Little Boy, you know that I take song requests of your own writing and put the song in my story, giving you credit of course.

Again, I'm doing it. So if you have a song you want to submit, send me a PM or put the song in a review and I'll see what I can do. Pendleton Ward owns and created Adventure Time. Natasha Allegri created Fionna and Cake. The sky was black, thickened with the billowing smoke that congested the air. All that was heard were shouts of men and the shooting of guns as they advanced on the enemy. Women fighting their way through crowds to find their missing children, who were lost among the running legs of civilians, crying for someone to save them from this horror.

Blood spattered the walls of crumbling buildings, explosions blasting behind soldiers making their ears fail for a few minutes and making them run in fear, unable to hear anything at all.

Suddenly it became silent and a faint whistle was heard up above. It was getting louder, a zooming noise following it as it rocketed through the smokey sky.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction search

Chaos broke out as realization spread like a wild fire. Mothers grabbed their children and ran as fast as they could. Sometimes it wasn't even their own child. Men rushed forward, trying to out run the falling attack but it was impossible to escape. Finally, the weapon shot for the ground and collided with the pavement, the Mushroom Bomb blasting every which way, killing thousands.

Body parts flew across the scene and cries of pain were piercing the air. Her blue eyes shot open and she sat upright, breathing hard in a cold sweat, hot tears running down her face. She leaned on the headboard and took in great gulps of air, trying to calm herself from yet another terrifying nightmare.

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Her blonde locks fell messily in front of her face and she brushed them away distractedly, attempting to forget the images that rushed through her mind's eye. A soft purr made her jump a little. Fionna looked over at Cake, who was still curled up in a little ball in her drawer, a pink blanket thrown over her furry body, her fluffy white and tan tail poking out and hanging over the side.

Smiling in relief that she wasn't alone, Fionna closed her eyes and was able to calm herself with ease. These dreams were getting worse and worse each night. The fact that she was considered the last human on the face of the planet and all of Aaa stirred a fear in her and gave her these dreams of the Great Mushroom War.

Her stomach flipped over and she felt bile crawl to the back of her throat as more horrific images floated in and out of her mind. The blood, the crying children, the final drop of the bomb that eliminated everyone in its path, were all just too much for her. It was as if she was in the battle, looking around frantically for a place to hide, even though it was one thousand years before she was born.

Not being able to hold it in anymore, Fionna pounced out of bed and rushed into the bathroom and vomited into the toilet, sweating bullets and shaking violently. She gasped and coughed, her breath echoing into the bowl, waking Cake in the other room. Sleepily, the cat followed the sound of her sister's sobs of anguish and turned on the light switch that Fionna was unable to reach in time. For her seventeen years of life, Fionna had never looked so weak and helpless.

Cake wandered over to Fionna and rubbed her back soothingly, letting the human cry over the dream, the trauma slowly dying away. Without a word, the feline cleaned Fionna up, wiped her mouth, flushed the toilet, and led her back to bed. Cake then slugged over to the kitchen, still half asleep, to fix Fionna a glass of cold water. Then she returned to her friend's side, making her drink the water until Fionna stopped shaking. Sloppy apologies slipped out of Fionna's mouth but Cake waved them away, not minding in the slightest that she had to get up to tend to her.

It made her tired in the morning, it's true, but it wasn't like Cake would ever turn her back on Fionna. They did everything together and thus, if Fionna was up, Cake was up. After Fionna's little episode in the bathroom, it was important for her to consume a good amount of liquids.

Ever since Gumball said it was impossible for humans to come back-" Fionna planted her hands over her ears and shut her eyes tight, her childish ways still taking their sweet time to go away. Day break was peeking over the horizon so there was no point in going back to bed.

The sky was painted with streaks of gold, pink, and orange, the sun rising higher and higher, wind picking up, making the grass wave across the many hills that covered Aaa and the clouds shift and glide through the sky.

It was another glorious morning in the land of Aaa and it was blessing everyone who lived as the two girls started their day. Fionna pulled on her sky blue V-neck, slipped into her light blue mini-skirt, and leapt into her knee-high socks and black sneakers.

Finally, she tucked her hair into her signature bunny hat, letting her bangs dangle out on one side. Cake had stretched herself down to the kitchen and began to stir them up a breakfast, humming to herself. Fionna put the nightmare in the back of her mind and raced down to meet her friend, ready for a hearty meal to start the day. The bacon hit the pan with a sizzle and the intoxicating scent flittered up Fionna's nose.

Her stomach growled and mouth watered, her mind forgetting her previous loss of stomach earlier that morning. After Cake finished prepping the greasy meat, she slapped some strips onto a plate for Fionna and some more on a plate for herself. The two girls sat at their booth together and began to dig into their breakfast. After the two of them washed the dishes, Fionna grabbed her green Adventure Pack and they trooped outside to journey to the Candy Kingdom to visit King Gumball.

Gumball, who was now twenty three but certainly didn't look itwas the official ruler of the Candy Kingdom, dubbed king when he turned twenty. Even though he was a different title, his habits didn't change in the slightest.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction search

He was still the cooking scientist who experimented with baked goods, putting serums inside to test the effect when one eats the treat.