Faking it amy and reagan meet

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faking it amy and reagan meet

Thanks to some eavesdropping, Reagan discovered that Amy was "Faking It" when she said she wasn't attracted to guys. The second season of Faking It, an American single-camera romantic comedy, premiered on Amy tries to spend more time with her dad while she's still unsure about her feelings for Karma. . Amy and Reagan, Shane and Duke, Karma and Liam, and Lauren and Theo all end Karma meets Liam's budding coworker Zita . “Faking It” recap (): End of the Beginning Next we cut to Amy's room, where the bed is shaking and Reagan is squealing. . us) that the day will come when Amy and Reagan meet again, when they're both ready for it.

She even ordered a croquembouche, the hottest new dessert that all the celebrities are having for their bridal showers. The next day an annoyed Lauren drives Karma and Amy down to Dallas but she gets in a fight with Lauren in the way. Karma tries to make them play 20 questions to break the tension. Finally when they arrive at the bakery it appears to be closed, and Lauren screams while Karma and Amy exchange smiles and try not to burst out in laughter.

This makes Amy have a sad look on her face. Then the girls manage to get into the bakery and made it back in time for the bridal shower, croquembouche in hand. Of course, Lauren receives all the credit for the work, which makes Amy jealous. When the girls get back to the house, the shower is in full swing.

Lauren and Farrah have been bonding a lot lately. To get back at Lauren, Amy destroys the croquembouche by taking a piece from the bottom and causing the whole thing to topple over. This starts a food fight between Lauren and Amy and eventually the guests. After it's over Lauren storms to her room. Upon doing so, she lets Amy in on a secret. Amy heads to her room to see Karma waiting for her. She then goes into detail about how their lives could be in the future with their friendship still intact, never forgetting about that stupid croquembouche.

Later Amy, even though she would rather not, lets Karma spill on all things Liam. Amy immediately shoots her down. At school, Shane tells Amy she should go along with it. He sees it as an opportunity for Amy to figure out her feelings for Karma once and for all.

As Shane leaves for a yoga session, Karma arrives and Amy accepts the threesome proposition. Amy and Karma meet up with Liam to set up their threesome. They reassure him that lesbians always keep their word.

faking it amy and reagan meet

They decide to meet Saturday and Amy tells Liam to bring condoms. Later, Karma and Amy go lingerie shopping. Well Karma is, Amy is just there for her opinion.

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The two decide that a run-through is much needed. Prior to Karma walking in, Amy leaves Shane an urgent voicemail about Karma not leaving the signals she thought.

Opposite from one another, they practice taking their coats off. Then she says, "I wish you could be there. All along Karma wanted Amy to make up an excuse to leave before anything got too hot and heavy, leaving Karma and Liam alone. A little later, with Karma gone, Amy tries to call Shane again.

faking it amy and reagan meet

She rants about Karma and what the threesome is turning out to be. The threesome is finally happening. All three members are awkwardly sitting on the motel bed with Karma and Amy wearing their trench coats. Needless to say both Karma and Liam are flabbergasted.

The two kiss and repeat the same lines as their first kiss in the Pilot: Unfortunately, Liam takes the advice Tommy gave him earlier about kissing the girl you find least attractive first, and begins to kiss Amy.

She just says that the whole thing was a bad idea and it got out of hand. Karma says that her and Amy should now end their fake relationship. He thinks that Karma is confused after their kiss and is freaking out because she may have real feelings for their fake relationship. When Amy lays out what had happened to Shane, he thinks Karma may have just been jealous and bolted.

Later, when the lunch lady asks Amy where Karma is, she says that she is just focusing on her studies. The lunch lady knows this means they are break up and spreads the news. Soon the whole school knows about Amy and Karma's breakup. Karma informs Amy that they are going to sit down with the school's Tumblr and tell their tragic tale of love lost. Amy nods and smiles, like always. When she tells Amy what she said, Amy realizes that Karma is a total narcissist and that everything she put her through was just to try and get with Liam.

The reporter announces that they are breaking up, for real. Once Karma and Amy have made up as BFFs, Karma admits that she let their fake relationship get out of control and promises to spend the rest of her life making it up to Amy. She also thinks they should break up their fake relationship in a few weeks when everything blows over. Burnt Toast Amy and Karma are in Amy's room, and Amy is reading out off some cards what her speech to the wedding guests is going to be.

Karma listens while putting a flower in Amy's hair. When Amy finishes reading the card Karma says do you want my super supportive opinion or tough love opinion hinting that the speech was not that good.

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Karma then reassures her to speak from her heart. Amy says, "What if my heart says something really stupid that it can never take back. Amy and her mom start talking by the door and then further back in the room Karma gets a text of Liam. When Amy asks who was on the phone, Karma lies and says it was her mom. Then, the wedding starts to take place. Bruce and Amy's mom dancing while Karma, Amy and Amy's grandma are sitting on chairs watching. Amy's grandma asks for her flask back as she won't get through the ceremony unless she is drunk, Amy nods at Karma who gives the flask back.

Karma looks back and shocked to see Liam. He pulls her to one side and they start kissing as Karma says he is not supposed to be here. Karma and Amy approach each other and start a dance routine, as the rest of the guests watch on smiling. Amy and Karma giggle and fall to the floor to the embarassment of Farrah, who sternly asks if she can have a word with Amy. The next scene is Farrah and Bruce eating the cake. Amy reveals to Karma that her mom grounded her for 2 weeks. Karma discorages Amy from getting revenge on her mom and Amy responds by saying that Karma knows her better than she knows herself.

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Amy says her speech of the cards but it is not impressive, but then when she sees Karma smiling at her she ditches the cards and takes the advice to speak from the heart. She talks about loving a best friend and Karma realizes Amy has feeling for her, but Amy stops smiling when she sees Liam crawl out from under the table.

The next scene is Amy and Karma in Amy's room. Amy asks why Karma didn't tell her about Liam, and Karma says it is because Amy snaps every time she mentions Liam's name.

Karma then says she thinks she knows why Amy acts like that and then asks Amy if she has feeling for her. Amy denies it, but Karma knows she is lying and Amy reveals she has had feelings since the homecoming assembly. Karma asks why Amy didn't tell her and Amy says she was afraid of losing her. Karma says that Amy is confused but Amy says she isn't and that she thinks Karma feels the same. Amy confesses that she loves Karma, but Karma says she doesn't love Amy like that.

Karma then says she slept with Liam and Amy looks destroyed and barges out. Lauren is listening in and is visably shocked. Then you see Amy drinking and Lauren joins her at the table.

Lauren and Amy have a heart to heart and they console each other. Amy is refused a drink at the wedding reception and then she sees Liam, their eyes meet as they are both drunk and upset.

The end scene is Amy and Liam having sex. Karma bursts into the room to make amends with her best friend. This sequence of events was executed perfectly, from the moment Amy wakes up to the moment her mother rejoices on her way out of the house. After her night with Liam, Amy goes to buy Plan B as soon as she gets the chance, only to run into Karma, who was following her. Liam wants to tell Karma the truth because secrets are bad, but Amy tells him not to because she is not letting him take away her best friend.

Karma tries desperately to win her friend back and, with her mother's advice, even serenades her on her front lawn. At the end of the episode where they even decide to officially make up. Shane says it's a bad idea and it'll be really awkward. Amy doesn't care, she's just glad she told Karma how she feels and she didn't lose her best friend, which is her biggest fear. Later Liam comes up and Amy awkwardly walks away. Karma and Amy about to kiss. Amy panics, and promptly invites Lauren to join them, another bad sign.

The game soon takes a turn for the worst when Lauren dares Amy and Karma to kiss and they fire back questions about Lauren being intersex. Amy goes to her room and Karma follows her.

They know things won't be normal, but are willing to keep trying. Amy and Lauren go to a separate room and Amy tells Lauren she should tell her friends her secret. She does, and Amy is really proud of her. Lust in Translation Amy and Karma decided to go out to the public about how they are no longer a lesbian couple.

However before they could execute their plans the Brazilians showed up igniting a party-style ruckus at the school. Karma came up with a plan to get Amy to fall in love with one of the Brazilian girls, however Amy had her eyes set on a male exchange student.

Karma helped Amy pretty herself up for the two students, and she admitted that she was surprised that Amy was interested in a guy in general. At the carnival, the male student got sent to the hospital and the girl didn't like Karma butting in between her and Amy.

faking it amy and reagan meet

Amy told the girl student the truth about her feelings for Karma before they kissed. Amy promised Karma that she will move on but it might take awhile, but until then they will continue their wild friendship. While Amy is clearly attracted to these two hotties, Karma seems to be having a hard time following her own plan. When Amy catches on, she calls Karma out on it, and fans watch as Karma becomes confused about Amy moving on.

Amy seems increasingly comfortable with being a lesbian. What is clear is that his feelings for Karma does not seem to be changing. And while Amy thought she was just going to embarrass Liam and leave without consequences, but that does not happen. Amy is the only one who knows this. She faked sick to throw Karma off the surprise trail and planned a seek-and-find that took her through every memorable moment of their long and storied friendship. The whole place was transformed into the ball pit that was very similar to the pit where they met back in kindergarten.

She tried to get, it but she was unsuccessful. Reagan then invites Amy to come up and see her later on as she DJ's. Shane convinces her to go up and Amy asks Reagan to go out with her and the two formerly introduce themselves.

Reagan brings up Amy's friends, to which she is unsure how to reply. The two plan a date at Communal, but are surprised by Shane and Duke. Shane, who had organized a 'group hang,' also managed to invite Karma.

faking it amy and reagan meet

Drama develops between Karma and Reagan as they vie for Amy's affection. Picking up on territorial signals, Reagan, hurt, leaves. Amy is urged by Liam to go after her, as he notices how into Reagan she is. Karma moves to follow her, only to be stopped by Liam, who explains that Amy "wants Reagan" and that the two need to be given space, that Amy and Reagan's relationship is not about her.

Reagan agrees to be Amy's girlfriend, and the two kiss. Zen and the Art of Pageantry Amy's mother makes Amy mad when she says she couldn't win a beauty pageant and decides to enter to prove her wrong. Reagan comes up with an idea for Amy to advocate how downgrading beauty pageants are during the question round.