Edward and bella meet in high school fanfiction

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edward and bella meet in high school fanfiction

They meet when Bella's training spot becomes Edward's one also. Sixth grader Isabella got her first kiss from the most popular high school freshman, Edward. Some stories that are set out of college or high school, but are very good reads How far will Bella go to get the attention of Edward, when he has his eyes on . When she arrives she meets the camp player,Edward, and decides to ignore him . Bella Swan moves to Forks Washington and she attends Forks High school Edward Cullen goes through many girls he meets Bella & sees something he likes.

Her tense shoulders seemed to visibly relax, and she smiled at me. A soft, shy smile. That's when I knew for sure that Isabella Swan - the mysterious girl from Arizona — would always own my heart. The truth was, Bella probably wouldn't have been cast as the lead exotic beauty in one of those teen flicks.

She probably would've been the exotic beauty's best friend; the one who sat around and patted the beauty's shoulder sympathetically when the evil hot guy dumped the hot girl.

The one who offered up the good advice that finally got the hot beauty to realize the hot guy was no good for her, and that her less-handsome-and-slightly-dorky best guy friend was the one to go for.

She had those girl next door looks, dark hair, dark eyes, five foot four at least, that's what I'd put her at over the past couple of years of staring at hercute figure without the huge tits or ass many guys went for. But it was her personality that set her miles above any other girl in this school.

Any other girl in this town. Any other girl in this universe, as far as I was concerned. From day one, she'd been nice to me. At lunch time that first day, she'd already walked in with Jessica Stanley at her side, talking Bella's ear off a mile a minute.

And although I thought I detected a mildly frustrated expression on her face, Bella listened intently to Jessica - smiling and nodding or shaking her head in all the right places. I'd immediately seen, from where I sat alone at my own table, that Mike had set his eyes on her.

The way he watched her, the way he pumped up his status as school jock, showing off his crappy-ass maroon and yellow letterman jacket like it was spooled out of pure gold or some shit. I'd watched it all through lowered eyes, smirking and wishing I had the balls to go up to her and introduce myself. To talk to her. To find out her thoughts, her secrets, her biggest dreams and desires. And then halfway through lunch, she'd suddenly looked up and straight at me, as if she'd heard her name.

As if my constant thoughts of her had been spoken aloud. I remember I'd been startled and my first instinct had been to look down, embarrassed to have been caught staring. But once again, she'd smiled at me sweetly. Jessica had followed her line of vision and had seen her looking at me. She'd smiled a colder, crueler smile and leaned in to whisper something in Bella's ear. Whatever it was made Bella frown and purse her lips, and then suddenly she was walking towards me, ignoring Jessica and Mike and the rest who looked on at her in shock, calling her back to them.

I'd frozen in my seat, unable to look away, unable to chew the bit of pizza currently in my mouth. In five seconds she'd been standing in front of me. I'd forced the un-chewed pizza in my mouth down my throat. I'd swallowed thickly as I stared at her, spellbound by her eyes. Everyone calls me Bella. Again, I'd just nodded. I'd stared at it for a few seconds before realizing she was waiting for me to shake it.

I'd cleared my throat and forced myself to reach up for her hand. A thousand sparks exploded inside of me the second my hand came in contact with hers. Scorching heat traveled up my arm and to every extremity in by body. My eyes grew wide, but I forced myself to speak through my shock. I'd been surprised to know she'd noticed that.

I'd nodded again, but then realizing I was still holding on to her hand like a fucking weirdo, I'd dropped it quickly. Scared she'd realize what a basket case I was and lose interest and leave, I made myself speak again. You're brainy I guess. Good going Cullen, those are the types of lines that drive the girls crazy.

Emmett would be proud. But Bella was only a freshman. The fact that she was in my English and Math classes meant she was taking advanced classes for her grade.

edward and bella meet in high school fanfiction

Still, as stupid as my words had been, they'd elicited the most beautiful reaction from her. She'd blushed, from her neck all the way up to the top of her forehead, the most wonderful, mesmerizing pink color. She smiled back, her dark eyes twinkling. We were working on some different stuff in Phoenix and I'm not sure if I understand what we're doing now.

So that's what this had all been about. Bella was obviously a smart girl, and it hadn't taken her long to figure out her new buddies would be of no help in the schoolwork department. So she'd forced herself to speak to the resident geek. I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Mike had pulled a chair and sat straddling it, and when he caught my gaze he flipped me the bird before quickly bringing his hands to his face and pretending he was popping a pimple with two fingers.

From my periphery I could see the rest of the group burst out into fits of laughter. I stiffened, my jaw locking in place. Bella saw my shift in expression and slowly turned around, which gave Mike and the rest of his asshole friends enough time to turn towards each other, as if they'd just been laughing at some innocent, private joke. The buzz I'd felt by her unexpected visit was quickly killed, and when she turned back to me, the first words out of my mouth were, "I guess you should be getting back to your new friends.

Out of my periphery, I saw her stand there for a few more seconds, as if she wanted to say something else, but then abruptly she turned around and left.

Over the next few months, Bella and I slowly became friends. Almost every day she'd take her lunch time walk over to me for a few minutes, and although at first the conversations were awkward and I was always too chicken shit to ask her to sit, that didn't deter her.

We'd both show up to classes a few minutes early, and at first I did help her out with Algebra, even though I wasn't sure why she'd needed my help in the first place. She'd catch on so quickly you would've thought she could've caught on like that when the teacher first explained it. And then after a while, when she felt comfortable enough with Algebra, we'd just talk about mundane things, our favorite bands, our families.

See, Bella was an artist. Well, she didn't consider herself an artist, but I did. She'd told me once during one of our earliest conversations that she liked to doodle, and I told her I'd like to see her doodles someday. She'd blushed she had a habit of doing this, which I absolutely adored and said she didn't really show her doodles; she was too embarrassed. That's when I'd confessed to her that I liked to write music, that I'd make up lyrics in my head and then try them out on my beat up guitar.

And that wasn't something I usually told anyone, much less showed anyone. Only my family knew about it, and even among them it wasn't very often I'd play them something.

But nevertheless, the next day I'd sat down next to her, pulled out a sheet of paper, and with trembling hands, handed it to Bella. She'd studied the paper carefully, her lips moving around the words silently. We were outside at lunchtime, sitting on one of the few tables along the quad. Here in Forks, it wasn't very often we got to hang out outdoors. But this day, the clouds had taken a break and the cool Washington sun was shining down on us. I watched her in rapt amazement for a few seconds, mesmerized at the sight of her mouth moving around my lyrics, until embarrassment had taken over and I'd looked away, letting her finish and kicking myself for having shown it to her in the first place.

She probably hated it. Bella had bitten her lip and then turned her eyes back to the piece of paper clutched tightly in her hand. I'd swallowed thickly, wishing I had the balls to tell her I'd written the words for her, that it was about how she made me feel, that she'd inspired the music that went with the words. Instead, I just said, "Sure. One of these days," knowing that I'd never have the nerve to really go through with it.

Just then, Jessica had called her from a few feet away. Bella's friends had slowly gotten used to the idea that for some strange reason, Bella wanted to be my friend too. So they'd give her a few minutes with me, and then when they grew impatient, they'd call her back to them. They never came within more than a few feet of us though. She'd looked over at me apologetically. I'd already accepted the fact that time with Bella was borrowed time.

She'd hoisted her heavy back pack over her shoulder, and I'd wished for the thousandth time I could carry it for her. Before walking away she'd handed me back my lyrics and looked deep into my four eyes.

edward and bella meet in high school fanfiction

Her chocolate pupils sparkled. I'd nodded, unable to respond. And then she'd started walking away, and I'd dropped my eyes to the ground. Suddenly, blue Converse stood in front of me. I looked up to find Bella before me again. She met my gaze and then started rummaging through her back pack, a sigh of relief escaping her lips when she'd found whatever she was looking for.

Quickly, she let go of the paper and walked away. I watched her until she disappeared around the quad with Jessica, Mike and the rest of his group waiting for them at the end.

Then I'd looked down at the paper, and gasped. It was one of those heavier types of paper, the kind the art teacher made us use for our projects. Within the paper, Bella had created the most beautiful design. It was a harmonious swirl of all different shades of green, traced with a few lines of black and brown, and interspersed with a few shades of blue, even some swirls of yellow here and there.

Though, I guess I did get a good tip. Me as a stripper. Wow, way to make a conversation awkward, Bella. I'd have to remember next time I run into a super hot teacher I had in senior year to tell them, "Hey! Unimportant, boring student extraordinaire? Yeah, well, I became a stripper for my twenty-first birthday, and I just thought you should know what I've been up to. I wish I hadn't had said that, especially considering how I never even wanted to think of that night again.

I chewed on the inside of my cheek, wondering how the silence and tension was going to be broken, and if I should just walk out now. So you're twenty-one then? And I think you're twenty-seven, if I remember correctly, right? I hated the power that he had on me. Though, I could tell that he was uncomfortable with talking with me right now, so I decided to stop talking all together, getting back to work.

Forcing myself to focus on getting started on my studying, I had only briefly noticed that Edward was starting to work as well. This helped my own focusing somewhat. Though, every so often I would notice a shift on his side of the room, which would bring my mind to the Adonis across from me.

I didn't want to be so obvious, so I decided just not to look at him. I smelt him from my position just a few feet away from him; he smelled delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I wanted to lick him from top to bottom to see if he tasted as well as he smelled. I blushed from my thoughts, but the curtain of hair I hid behind would have prevented him from noticing.

edward and bella meet in high school fanfiction

I heard his pen move along his paper on the desk, at times noticing that he'd scribble something out furiously. I heard him flipping the pages of his books, referring to what he was reading moments before. But what I loved to hear was his sigh. I couldn't help that my mind was in overdrive when I heard it. His breath brought bad thoughts out of my mind, wondering if he would ever be breathless enough to say my name. Again, I was glad for the shield I had created. It was also a good thing he couldn't read minds However, when he stayed still enough, or didn't do anything to spark my interest for a while, the numbers on the text book would stop blurring, and I'd be able to get some problems done.

Eventually I was submerged completely in my work, focusing on the trigonometry problems that had my brain racking.

Some of these were so frustrating! They took me forever, too, as I realized after ten problems that nearly an hour had passed. The time brought me back to my surroundings as I realized yet again that I was alone in a secluded room with Mr. Cullen—Edward, I mentally corrected. It made my heart frantic as I realized he considered me close enough to a first name basis.

I frowned as I concluded that technically we would have been at this point for a long time now. After all, him being my favorite teacher, and consequently my constant spacing out, had me coming to his classroom many a time during lunch time for "extra help". This was around the time I drifted from Jessica's group of friends because Mike started to be a little more My staying in his class led to our many conversations.

Sure, they were all student-teacher appropriate, and we didn't even go with in each other's direct three-feet-perimeter, but just these little conversations gave me a little satisfaction that I was ahead of the other girls in his eyes just by that little amount.

I realize now that that was hypocritical of me to think like that, but I was just so Of course, I had no reason be hopeful. He was so much I slumped in my seat, letting my mind roam around that. As I slouched, my foot accidentally brushed up against something. My face flared up as I realized that it was Mr—Edward's foot that I had accidentally touched.

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I couldn't move my foot, because my whole leg was numb. I willed myself to look up, with surely wide eyes. His eyes didn't hold as much embarrassment or shock, if at all, instead they were staring straight at me, not wavering, with an unreadable expression. I bit my lip, mumbling a quiet apology, but still not moving. Instead, he brought his other foot to rest alongside my other foot. I didn't know what to think of the gesture.

So, all I did was ignore the fire that was spreading up my legs, and stare at my trigonometry work once more. Because I was trying so hard to focus, I actually had gotten three more problems done.

I was on a roll, but eventually I was stuck. I don't know how long I was working on that problem, but it must have been a long time because Edward had closed all his books and started to put away his things. I knew that this would be the end of our reunion if he really was done.

The thought upset me greatly. Though, I noticed anything other than his arms hadn't made an effort to move an inch, meaning his feet were still touching mine. I wouldn't want to keep you from whatever you're doing. I mean, this could take a while.

I've never been good at math. My eyes snapped to his, which were almost penetrating my very being.

edward and bella meet in high school fanfiction

I bit my lip as I remembered how I wanted him to penetrate my very being. And I've been known to get an A or two in math in the past. I think I'm qualified. Plus, as your teacher, I'm obligated to help. I was frozen at his actions that I almost didn't notice him leaning in to look at my work. He was so close; I was surrounded by his scent that I had only sampled earlier. My body was on overdrive, and already I had a tightening in my lower half.

This reminded me all too much of my fantasies I had in the late nights during my senior year of high school. As much as I loved his voice, I couldn't concentrate enough to register that he was making fun of me. Then his voice dropped an octave, catching my full attention.

Did he have to go and say that? Did he have to say it like that? Did he have to make my heart beat frantically? I tried to hide my blush, but it only got intensified as he leaned in even further. At this point, his face was directly next to mine, his nose tracing along the outline of my jaw, only, without touching. I just wanted him so badly to just close the gap and have skin to skin contact. I just wanted him so badly to just ignore pretenses, ignore everything.

I just wanted him so badly. He pulled back slightly, with a faint frown on his face. Did he not like me saying his name?

Did he not want to do this? Had I misinterpreted his intimate actions? Yet again, I found a reason why I should just keep my mouth shut.

Instead, all I could do was analyze his face. It was contorted into an unreadable expression - disgust? I was his old student, and the idea was too surreal and crazy for him most likely. Then he did something I couldn't have predicted. His fingers glided along my cheekbone, all the way down to my lips. I shivered under his touch, which made him pause, but he resumed to what he was doing.

He slowly brought the tips of his fingertips to my lower lip, sliding them along, getting a feel of my mouth. It felt electrifying, and when he lost contact with my lips, it immediately died. I was amazed that he had brought those same fingertips to his own mouth, gliding all along his own bottom lip. I couldn't help but lick my lips, my attempt to bring back that magic touch of his being futile. Never in my life had I been so engulfed in a moment, and so turned on. I hated that he didn't make any other move after that, because I longed for that wonderful touch once more.

I craved for it. So I couldn't be blamed when I reached out for his face. My palm cupped his cheek, and though he was frozen for a moment, he leaned into my hand. Elation was all I could feel, along with disbelief and lust. I breathed out his name once more. Those words, along with the hazy feel of the room had my brain reeling, what could it be? Slowly, and very, very carefully, he leaned in.

The anticipation build up was almost painful as I knew his lips were aiming for my own, but I felt a wave of relaxation as our mouths pressed together. If I thought his fingers were electrifying, this had got to be a whole lightning storm. So soft were his lips, and so tender as they only lightly pressed; it felt amazing, but the slight pressure wasn't enough. I immediately pushed back with all my might, prying his lips to move with mine.

Apparently he wasn't as enthused as I was about kissing. Almost instantly, he backed up as far as his seat could allow. I thought he wanted this. After all, he initiated the kiss. Oh God, maybe I was a terrible kisser? I mean, the people I have kissed in the past were almost as inexperienced or uninvolved as I was. Edward probably had had women with far more talent for kissing than I had. I tried not to make the pain evident of my rejection, but I was sure it was showing through, seeing as how my tears of self-anger were starting to build up.

I couldn't even look at him. My next words were frantic in soft tones. You probably hate me now. I can't even kiss. I'm not good enough. I tried my hardest to keep my eyes glued to my knees, but I couldn't help but look up at him. Edward's beautiful face was contorted in pain, though I knew this pain was a lot different from my own. I knew he regretted it. He was just too wonderful to— "Bella, stop thinking like that. As if he could read and control my mind.

You don't know how much I've wanted to do that.

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And not just today, not just after seeing you again. His voice was muddled in his palms. Not because I didn't love teaching Bella, you were such And if I lost control, I'd lose credibility as a teacher and as a gentleman. Just like how I've taken advantage of you today.

If I had been your teacher for any longer, I would have probably committed a felony. All those years ago, imagine if I had given into temptation? I'd be on the streets by now. Bella, you have to understand that you were the distraction that made me quit teaching. I don't want to take advantage of you; I don't think I'd be able to live with myself His speech rendered me speechless.

He was saying that I had been the reason he left? Because I was some sort of temptation? I would never have viewed myself as any sort of temptation, but maybe that was because I wouldn't have so much as tempted him as I would have offered myself wholeheartedly.

I knew I felt the same way as he said he did, only not in so many words. His eyes met mine with a smoldering look, a look that made a tingle go down my spine. And though I felt his eyes bore deep into me, he made no move, probably due to all his worries that he had just expressed. I couldn't help but dispel his worries. I was young and inexperienced, much too immature for your taste.

And even though I'm twenty-one now, I'm not much more experienced than I was then. I'm not even that appealing to be worth any temptation, which still has me confused as to why—" He shut me up with a rough kiss. His lips, heavily pressed on mine enticed me to open my mouth and deepen. Whatever pessimistic thoughts I had previously flew out the window. Our lips were now syncing together, and were only being interrupted whenever he'd back up briefly to breathe and whisper words against my lips in between our kisses.

I moved my lips against his earlobe, "But you've already corrupted me just by being in my thoughts. This time it was a firmer kind of kiss, almost as if neither of us wanted to pull back.

At least, I know I didn't want to any time soon. This single-minded act of ours was all that was going in my head, all that was running through me, that I didn't mind that we were going from one step to another at an alarming rate. With our tongues already massaging one another, I brought my hands to his hair, which made him bring me closer to him. His arms automatically wrapped around my body, closing any space we had between us.

Now I could feel every bit of his hard chest, with my breasts almost painfully pressed against him. But it was a good kind of pain, because the pressure of his body anywhere on mine was relieving.

With one set of fingers entwined with his hair, I allowed my other hand to grip at his neck, and slowly make its way down his shoulder and along his chest. His body responded stiffly, or at least, stiff in a certain area. It only made my legs spread open so that I was now sitting on his lap, both of my legs wrapping around him.

With his groin pressing into mine, I felt my panties getting wet underneath my skirt. I mentally reminded myself to thank Alice for making me wear this ensemble, even if the heels were annoying.

edward and bella meet in high school fanfiction

I swiftly kicked them off, not breaking contact with his mouth, and then proceeded to grind against him as soon as my feet were free from their restraints. My grinding was putting him on edge, and I could feel it as his hardness bulged directly against my heat. I felt proud of myself almost; this was the best I had ever done at turning someone on. Though, my pride was cut off quickly as he pulled back. He placed his hands on my waist, pushing me a little further from his groin.

My eyebrows raised high into my hairline. I was straddling his lap, with my panties drenched all the way through, ready for him, ready for every bit of him. I didn't want to voice my thoughts, in fear of sounding like an asshole, so instead I roughly grabbed his hand and placed it right at my crotch, pressing his palm right at my mound.

I started to pool once more at the contact. That's me getting so wet for you, it's soaking through my clothes. I've wanted you so badly for so long. I want you so badly, it hurts. His slow, sensuous fingers were sending shock waves all throughout my body, making me shiver especially as he reached my clit.

Then he'd tortuously slide down my slit once more before reaching again to my bundle of nerves. He was making me feel so much like jelly that I just embarrassingly fell against him.

I want to take it in slowly And as if his voice wasn't deep enough, it dropped an octave as he continued. With his fingers still working their magic along my panties, I forced a kiss on him before grabbing his shirt roughly.

I wanted to do this hard and fast NOW. With a sensory overload, between his lips and his fingers, I found it difficult to get his buttons on his shirt undone quickly. He smiled against my mouth as he realized what I was doing, but all I could do was growl in return. This must have struck a nerve in him because he immediately pulled his hand back from my crotch to his shirt, working quickly at getting the buttons undone.

As soon as his chest was unrestrained, I pushed the sleeves off of him, letting it fall to the floor. I ogled at the sight. Edward was better than any dream or fantasy I had ever conjured up.

His tight abs suggested he worked out every day. I found myself wanting to lick all along the ridges—so I did just that. Of course, it was a slightly awkward position to bend and run my tongue all along his chest while I was still sitting on his lap, but he finished that by picking me up by the ass and placing me onto the table.

He and I hastily pushed all of our stuff onto the floor, not caring for any of it, and then he stood in between my legs. He was on my lips all over again. This new position had our bodies completely pressed into one another now, his groin at perfect alignment with my own. Then he started tugging at my blouse.

With my hands caressing his sculpted body, I found it fair that he would want the same in return, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to offer much. However his eyes gave my breasts a smoldering look as soon as I was free of a shirt. Once it was off, he stared unabashedly, but my own blush had reddened everything from breasts up, sharing my embarrassment openly.

He then looked me straight in the eyes. But this sweet kiss turned into something more as he moved his lips down my neck, creating a blazing trail all the way down to my chest.