Dil mil gaye armaan and riddhima first meet

Everything That Was So Wrong About Dill Mill Gayye

dill mill gayye season written update armaan riddhima scene Armaan and Riddhima that won our heart!, Armaan Riddhima met for the first time and Armaan. Dill Mill Gayye (translation: Hearts Have Met) is a Indian medical drama television series The first season follows the lives of surgical interns and resident doctors of Sanjeevani. During the course of the show, Armaan and Riddhima fall in love, Atul falls in love with Anjali, and Sapna Shah gets married and leaves. Aug 5, You loved Dill Mill Gayye, and lost a beat of your each time the lead characters met Myth: It's the usual, Bad Boy meets Good Girl, and then the conflict begins Reality: In the very first episode, Armaan and Riddhima have a.

If this was the case, then why do all the characters cause a raucous and are caught only a handful of times, despite the fact that they argue every single day? The patients in Sanjeevani hospital behave like hooligans and many a time, the senior doctors are never around!

Rather than working, doctors, interns and patients keep talking to each other, scheming or plotting! I highly doubt all this can occur in a real hospital. This story is about the personal and professional lives of doctors. What started out as a medical drama, ended being a romance between every male and female character in DMG.

Everything That Was So Wrong About Dill Mill Gayye

The POV change Myth: Riddhima hardly figures in the later episodes. This drama promotes women independence.

  • Useless supporting characters
  • 1. Dr Armaan Malik aka Karan Singh Grover
  • Hate at first sight/Love at near sight

I take great pleasure in busting this myth. DMG does nothing as such. The girls in this show just argue with boys. Male sex appeal Myth: Doctors are expected to behave decently and dress appropriately. If this was so, then Armaan and Rahul never seem to follow this rule. They leave the first four buttons of their shirt open to make sure that they appeal to the female audience. Well, their choice in clothing and colour, may be bad, but it actually works.

Lack of humanity Myth: In the very first episode, Armaan and Riddhima have a wager on a female patient, who is allegedly a victim of domestic violence. It is appalling to watch two doctors bet on whose diagnosis is right. It makes me fear as to what kind of doctors exist in this world! The plot line may be the normal fight-love-fight sequence, but every episode is so fast paced that you end up watching all the episodes in glee.

dill mill gayye season written update armaan riddhima scene

A photo posted by drashti dhamidrashti on Nov 4, at Kirti Mehra aka Sonia Singh She might have been the strict doctor who did not shy away from putting new interns on night shifts as soon as they entered Sanjivani, but let's admit, she had a heart of gold. Youngfunks Sonia Singh is an experienced actress on the small screen.

She has many negative roles to her credit and was last seen as Urvashi in Swaragini. Shubhankar Rai aka Ayaz Khan He was the doctor who epitomized respect. He had a gentle way of communicating with doctors and we liked his relationship with Dr.

Kirti on the show. Alchetron Ayaz Khan is a versatile actor who has some great roles to his credit.

9 Years Later, Here’s Remembering The Cast Of ‘Dill Mill Gayye,’ & What They’re Up To Now

Amit perfectly fit the bill as the bespectacled strict senior doctor. Her chemistry with Dr. Abhimanyu Modi was pretty kickass on the show. And even after a successful stint on TV spanning decades, she refuses to age! A photo posted by Shweta ishwetagulati on Sep 15, at 1: Shashank as the head of the hospital.

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From the first season to the sequel, Bollywood's good guy was effortless as a doctor and a father to Anjali and Riddhima. Melodious Visions Mohnish Bahl needs no introduction. He has appeared in several movies and was also seen in Jai Ho.