Daffy duck and porky pig meet the groovie goolies dvd covers

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daffy duck and porky pig meet the groovie goolies dvd covers

The live Goolie counterparts are prominently featured on the cover. Superstar Movie, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies. DAFFY DUCK & PORKY PIG MEET THE GROOVIE GOOLIES aired as part of the uncredited, live-action actors are the ones who graced the cover of the LP. Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies is a animated one-hour TV-movie that was part of The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie.

Upon crash-landing, Drac would say "This place is driving me batty. Often would be zapped by lightning, revealing his inner mechanical workings and then remarking "I needed that!!

daffy duck and porky pig meet the groovie goolies dvd covers

Wolfie plays a lyre-like stringed instrument in the Groovie Goolies and is always seen wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and beach sandals. Wolfie is always out for a good time like running wild, surfing, or driving his Wolf Wagon. He especially gets on Drac's nerves.

She also has a living broom named Broomhilda and is the aunt of Hauntleroy. The right head is a normal "human" doctor while the left head is a green-skinned "monster" doctor. Jekyll and Hyde have their own second opinion. A strong and powerful gendarme, also repelled by the odor, is of no help, the perfumer notices a black female cat, and with rage flings her into the store and demands her to Remove that skunk, that polecat pole from the premises.

daffy duck and porky pig meet the groovie goolies dvd covers

She breaks free and attempts to wash the stripe and the smell off but is unsuccessful and she runs to a window and tries to open it, but it is stuck. He sees the ragged-looking, sneezing wet cat but does not recognize her and he wanders off to find the beautiful young lady skunk.

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Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon short released in and it was directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese. In it was voted 12 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field, the cartoon opens with people filing in to see The Barber of Seville in an amphitheatre.

In the back of the theater, Bugs is chased by Elmer, who is shooting his gun, Elmer, now on stage behind the curtain, does not see it rise when Bugs raises the curtain.

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The conductor, after a confused look at his watch, shrugs, then starts the orchestra. After recovering, Elmer starts the chase again, but is stopped by Bugs dressed as a temptress, singing, cant you see that Im much sweeter. Youre my type of guy, let me straighten your tie and he then ties Elmers shotgun into a bowtie and snips off Elmers pants suspender buttons.

daffy duck and porky pig meet the groovie goolies dvd covers

After being thoroughly embarrassed when his pants fall down, Elmer sees through Bugs disguise, he tries shooting him, Bugs has another go with Elmers scalp, beginning with a scalp massage with his hands and feet, turning his head into a fruit salad bowl. Elmer chases Bugs again, but Bugs plays a snake charmer to get an electric shaver to chase Elmer, Elmer disables the shaver with a shotgun blast and chases Bugs back to the barbers chairs.

Bugs and Elmer raise their chairs to dizzying heights, and Bugs cuts loose a stage sandbag which bonks Elmer, causing Elmers chair to drop back down into the barbershop while spinning around. After receiving the traditional barbers gratuity from the dazed Elmer, Bugs then throws him in a door to further daze him.

daffy duck and porky pig meet the groovie goolies dvd covers

Before Bugs third go-round with Elmers scalp, he one of his feet a pedicure with a can opener, hedge clippers, file. That is followed by growing a beard on Elmers face and shaving it with a miniature mower, then its back to the scalp as Bugs massages it with hair tonic first, then adds Figaro Fertilizer, causing hair to grow from Elmers head which sprouts into flowers.

A short arms chase ensues as a result where Bugs and Elmer chase each other across, finally, Bugs ends the chase by offering flowers, chocolates, and a ring to Elmer, who ducks offstage and comes back as the blushing bride. Bugs then looks at the camera, smirks, and breaking the fourth wall says in the way as his catchphrase, Eh.

Merrie Melodies cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian, the cartoons title is a play-on-words of the famous phrase to be mad as a March hare, the origins of which are disputed. This marks the final pairing of Bugs and Marvin, as well as the appearance of the latter.

This cartoon begins with Marvin the Martian observing the planet Earth from Mars through a telescope and he is examining a rocket launch that is taking place.

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As he watches, the rocket takes off from Earth and soon appears to be heading straight towards him. Indeed, the rocket ploughs right through his observatory and once a shaken Marvin gets himself up, he says to the audience Im not angry, soon enough, the rocket lands on Mars, and a reluctant Bugs Bunny exits it. However, Marvin does not agree with this and decides that he not allow Bugs to take his planet away from him.

Mad as a Mars Hare is available on the Bugs Bunny, however, it was cropped to widescreen. Looney Tunes short released in and directed by Chuck Jones and its Halloween night, and Witch Hazel is concocting a batch of witchs brew. As she goes about her business, she pauses at her magic mirror, the genie in the mirror replies that she, Witch Hazel, is the ugliest one of all.

Hazel explains to the audience that shes afraid of getting prettier as she grows older.

daffy duck and porky pig meet the groovie goolies dvd covers

Meanwhile, Bugs Bunny is out trick-or-treating dressed as a witch and he calls on Witch Hazel, who, seeing his costume, mistakes him for an actual witch. After making a comment about Bugs appearance, she dashes to her magic mirror, the genie in the mirror looks towards Bugs, also thinks hes a witch and replies that he actually finds Bugs far uglier.

The jealous witch then hatches a plot, she invites the disguised Bugs in for tea, Bugs is about to drink the tea when he remembers that hes still wearing his mask and takes it off. Seeing that her rival is a rabbit, Witch Hazel dashes off to consult her cookbook, sure enough, one of the ingredients for the brew she was making earlier is a rabbits clavicle.

While shes gone, Bugs suspects theres trouble afoot and makes to leave, Bugs flees, with the cackling witch chasing him throughout the house. She dashes to her magic broom closet to grab her flying broomstick to keep up with him, the broom starts sweeping the floor with her clinging to it until she lets go. As Bugs hides, Witch Hazel finally traps Bugs using a carrot on a fishing rod, back at her cauldron, Hazel prepares to kill Bugs and use him in her potion.

Shes about to bring her cleaver down on the trussed-up rabbit, overcome with mercy, Witch Hazel bursts into tears, saying his innocent face reminds her of Paul, her pet tarantula.

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Bugs tries comforting her by bringing her the cup of beauty disguised as tea. Hazel instantly changes into a well-contoured redheaded beauty as Milt Franklyn strikes up Oh, being a witch, Hazel is horrified at the prospect of becoming young and beautiful, a fate worse than death. Immediately falling in love with her, and lunges to grab her, Hazel then flees on her actual flying broomstick, with the genie slowly gaining on her with his magic carpet.

The concept is that Sabrina has left home to trudge about with a band of real misfits, the Goolies, who hit the road with a trunk full of comedy skits and play their songs in the light of the full moon. This all seems perfectly in tune with the time, during which silent film comedy and the Universal monsters had been enjoying something of a renaissance as those films had become available and replayed on television.

The Groovie Goolies mixed all that together and came up with a show that still works today without feeling dated other than in the musical segments which, while toe-tapping, are certainly of their time. Staying with the sound, and the cast boasts a number of prolific vocalists too: But after not having seen the show in quite some years, I had a pretty fun time with the band, and found it to be one of those shows for which I could quite simply let them get on with it and leave my mind at the door of my home theater.

The episodes take their names from one of the two songs featured in that particular show, and not based on any plot points, with the first disc starting out with When I Grow Up which features a bonkers retelling of Little Red Riding Hood amongst its skits.

These are actually the only moments the show takes a break from the relentless barrage of jokes, and are sure to go down well with anyone who remembers the fantastic Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band, who themselves had a hit with a cover of The Monster Mash, non-related but extremely close in spirit.

The other episodes on Disc One are: Disc Two continues with another six: As such, none of the shows have an episode-length storyline, so it can feel a little disjointed. As previously mentioned, the songs offer a respite and the most new animation each week from the zaniness, though continue the puns in their lyrics.

Is This Thing Loaded? As such, it seems even The Groovie Goolies warrants some special attention, with a terrific array of features that are as surprising as they are welcome and unexpected. The menus are decent, video intro and still-frame affairs that do the job suitably, with a selection from the background music incessantly used throughout the show.