Come and meet the letter people abcd follow me

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come and meet the letter people abcd follow me

The Letter People is a children's literacy program and the television series based on that Letter People Land as the song plays: Come and meet the Letter People. Come and visit the family. Words are made of Letter People. A, B, C, D, follow me!. "Come and meet the Letter People. Come and visit the family. Words are made of Letter People A B C D, follow me!. Download LetterSchool, the #1 abc alphabet tracing and handwriting app, and watch your toddler evolve with this fun, intuitive, and educational game for.

He has huge teeth and a Texan accent. Miss E is super strong, writes songs, and is an excellent piano player. Professor Foghorn, inventor of the Word Machine. He constantly forgets even the simplest things and his favorite food is bologna and jelly sandwiches.

Also Miss I in the classroom version, even though she was girly and silly, she was still intelligent, imaginative and creative.

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Miss U in the TV Show version. Also Yolinda and Cindy. Same with Miss E. Miss I always wears a bow or headband on her head. Miss U wears a bow in the classroom version. Each Letter Person has one. Miss A Naturally, since her sound was the sound of "Achoo! Male version for Mr Q. Well, at least according to the classroom version, he was so sick, he couldn't speak and if he could, you couldn't hear him, without Miss U.

Even though a number of the Letter People's voice actors were shown to be capable of singing, the show opted to use the songs from the teaching program that it was based off of, for most of the Letter People's introduction songs. Of particular note are Miss O's and Mister S's songs. Miss O was, by profession, an opera singer, but her intro song used a voice that was very different from her speaking voice. Mister S's voice actor, however, actually sang his intro song "I am a supersonic streak in the sky!

The Letter People

Mister Q, who can build a machine capable of producing objects and cured Miss O after she lost her voice. Obviously Our Ghosts Are Different: The Thing is, for all appearances, a ghost, but it's actually some ill-defined creature that haunts an old theater.

It also has two sounds. This seems to fit Miss U cause she has her Umbrella and is pretty, graceful, feminine, polite and innocent. Dolly the Dragon managed to disguise herself as a daisy and a dalmatian.

come and meet the letter people abcd follow me

More than you'd expect. You just spread your fingers apart and The current version of the Letter People program.

come and meet the letter people abcd follow me

Not only have the genders of the characters been changed to make half of the letters boys and the other half girls, but a lot of the traits of the characters have been changed to be happier or more positive.

D having Delicious Doughnuts anymore since he now does Dazzling Dances. Solves a lot of problems. Rather than introduce the letters in alphabetical order, the show introduced those that had the most potential to appear in single syllable words M, T, F, N, H, B, A.

They then introduced word building The Catching Game and built both of them up simultaneously. That's how many kindergarden handbooks for teaching to read are constructed. The classroom version started out like that too. Surprisingly Averted in a number of places, but played straight in others.

Look carefully at the sets. Whenever there is three of something trees, arches, etc. She has sass, but is much more mellow than most examples. The Letter Girls' the vowels long sounds are their names.

After five pilot programs were produced, Dr.

The Letter People: Old Memories

The series comprised 60, minute episodes that became extremely popular with children nationwide who were learning to read. To insure phonetic and linguistic accuracy in the television production process, Ruth Lerner from NDE served as the Editorial Supervisor. NDE hired Elizabeth Callen to design the look of the characters in the classroom programs.

The Letter People still has thousands of adult fans who remember learning how much fun it was learning to read with the help of The Letter People. The program's basic concept was simple: Each letter of the English alphabet was represented by a unique character with traits derived from itself.

The consonants were males as "the Letter Boys"and the vowels were females as "the Letter Girls". Other merchandise included filmstrips and flash cards.

Educators who adopted the program were trained in its implementation, and The Letter People was soon picked up by hundreds of schools across the United States.

Opening and closing sequence[ edit ] A little dog is minding his own business when various figures one carrying a bunch of helium balloons enter the gates of a place called Letter People Land as the song plays: Television series[ edit ] While thousands of children were learning about the Letter People in school, thousands of others were being exposed to them through the television series based on the program.

Louis, Missouriand the show first went into production in

come and meet the letter people abcd follow me