Bolin and mako meet korra

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bolin and mako meet korra

The third season of the animated television series The Legend of Korra, titled Book Three: . In Ba Sing Se, the Red Lotus propose to exchange Mako and Bolin for Korra to the Earth Queen. After hearing of them a message for Korra. At the oasis, Asami and Korra meet Tonraq, Zuko, and Lin and hear about the revolution. Mako is a major character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, However, his aspirations changed when he met Avatar Korra, who joined the team and became a loyal friend. In the following months, Mako - along with Asami and Bolin - later joined Korra in fighting the Equalists. The trio were. Korra smiled, looked away and realized that Tenzin, Mako, Bolin, Asami, . Lu Ten stood from where he was sitting to meet Mako in the middle.

He really doesn't take it well. Mako gets this way when Bolin and Korra go on a date. He later accuses her of leading his brother on just to get back at him for rejecting her earlier, and she correctly guesses that his anger is actually due to jealousy. There's also the implication that Korra may have gone out on a date with Bolin due to her own Green-Eyed Monster towards Asami and Mako. Holding Your Shoulder Means Injury: Bolin performs this after getting smacked by a stray earth disk.

Unusually, it actually is his shoulder that's injured, complete with ugly bruise. Used when Mako tries to build up the team's confidence for the upcoming tournament.

Mako warned Bolin of dating within the team yet proved to be just as guilty of already having feelings for Korra and kissing her back. Bolin takes Korra out on for a night on the town in the hope of winning her over. They both have a great time, but she's just not that into him and they agree to stay friends by the end of the episode.

The same happens with her and Mako, though he's clearly still confused about his feelings. Bolin after Mako drags him out of the noodle shop. Justified in that Bolin is "drunk" at the time. See, I told you dating a team mate was a bad idea. You're a bad idea! It doesn't go the way she hoped. Mako and Bolin are both attracted to Korra. She likes Mako, but he also likes his girlfriend Asami.

Rather interestingly, the episode seems designed to deal with all the aspects of this in one fell swoop, rather than dragging them out. Pema also mentions that she was in a Love Triangle with another woman over Tenzin. Korra only waterbends in this episode, whether for the usual offense or healing as along with the focus on the Water Tribe-style noodles is the focus on Korra's culture according to Word of God.

bolin and mako meet korra

Unsurprisingly, Korra learned how to heal with waterbending from Katara. His reaction when he sees Korra kissing Mako is to sob in the most overblown way imaginable and run away. And then when Mako tries to snap him out of it, he breaks into Inelegant Blubbering.

Korra, when she realizes she has hurt Bolin and Mako. Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Jinora's idea of a romantic setting went into such territory with the idea that burning down a whole country and jumping into the volcano at the end as a testament to love, which was said with a smile on her face.

Offscreen Moment of Awesome: All we hear of the Wolf-Bats fight is some noise of the hits and the buzzer going off every few seconds. When we look back at them, they won their match in the first round and their opponents are being carried out on stretchers. Korra pulls off her own hat trick in the final match when she's all that's left of the Ferrets when things are perfectly lined up.

It's interesting to watch Korra, not previously known for subtlety, carefully maneuver her opponents into a perfect line before hitting them at once with a large column of water.

bolin and mako meet korra

This is perhaps showcasing her developing abilities thanks to Tenzin's training and her pro-bending practice. This is how Mako carries Bolin home. The announcer uses Bolin throwing up last night's meal as the perfect time to advertise "Flameo Noodles". It turns out that confessing your feelings for someone when they're already in a relationship with someone else and are confused about their own feelings doesn't magically make everything turn out all right.

Flameo noodles are advertised as the "noodliest noodles" in Republic City. They shamelessly call each other "sweetie" and share a nose kiss, right in front of Bolin and Korra.

The romantic discussions take place when it's snowing out. Tahno, the sleazy waterbender of the Wolfbats pro-bending team, calls Korra the "Ohvatar". He is also a very pale waterbender, looking almost Caucasian. Pretty much confirmed as a Take That! Mako moved towards the center of the large ring, his hands still in his pockets.

Lu Ten stood from where he was sitting to meet Mako in the middle. I've been a friend of the Avatar here for a while now. Pabu has a very specific time schedule for food.

He didn't even look at her. She knew he was lying, since Pabu ate whenever he had food, but she wouldn't call him out on it.

They dropped hands, and both of them seemed a little unnerved. Mako went to sit on the bench without saying a word to either of them. She turned her head back to Lu Ten as Mako focused on a place in the distance to stare at.

Mako looked nervous, but stood up and nodded. Zuko smiled, clasping his hands in front of him. Now, would you please spar with Korra? Lu Ten whispered, "I think there's a teaching involved in this," he said, laughing slightly. Korra did as well; Zuko did take after his late uncle. Mako met Korra's eyes, and they nodded at each other.

Lu Ten squeezed Korra's shoulder before moving to stand next to his Grandfather.

History of Mako (152 AG – 170 AG)

Korra walked to the outer side of the ring as Mako did the same on the opposite side. Zuko watched him closely, ignoring whatever Lu Ten was saying to him.

Mako shot the first jet of fire, aiming for Korra's left shoulder.

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She dodged it easily, throwing a punch towards him. He spun around it, kicking a flame at her. She flipped over it, punching a few shots of fire back at him. He stuttered, but quickly recovered to fire back at her.

They went on like this, pretty evenly matched, until neither of them had a concept of time anymore. They had gotten progressively closer to each other, their shots becoming quicker and more accurate.

It was almost a routine by now, since the two of them had spent so much time sparring before matches. But this time Mako's shots were different, almost as if he were trying to prove something.

Mako lifted his leg and shot fire at her, but Korra ducked under it and shot a jet towards Mako's stomach. He didn't see it coming, and it directly hit him in the chest.

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He cried out, more in frustration than in pain, and fell back onto the ground. Korra, still reeling from her powerful punch, stumbled over Mako's feet and fell on top of him.

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Uncomfortable, she stood up. Korra put her foot on Mako's chest, declaring herself the winner of the spar. She had wanted it to be funny. As she leaned over to offer her hand, she caught a brief look of real anger cross his face. Mako and Bolin were created in part to highlight the radical changes that had occurred in the seventy years since the end of the war, specifically the ethnic diversity and blending of cultures of the various nations in the United Republic.

Because of the heritages of their parents, Mako is a firebender and Bolin is an earthbender. Bryan Konietzko made the decision to have it removed. Though Joaquim Dos Santos was initially supportive of the scarf being implemented, he left open to the idea that a police officer having on scarf while showing up to a crime spree would be "strange".

He was originally intended to become romantically involved with Fire Lord Izumi's daughter during the fourth season, but the idea was scrapped as the writers felt there were too many characters in the season. Faustino felt Mako's love for Asami was different than the love he had for Korra, calling it "much deeper". Faustino was supportive of the romantic relationship between Mako and Korra being reestablished during the fourth season. Air[ edit ] At the beginning of the series, Mako is a member of the Fire Ferrets pro-bending team, alongside his brother and the waterbender Hasook.

Tensions between Korra and Mako again appeared when Korra began to suspect Hiroshi of being an Equalist, with Mako believing her to be acting on her jealousy towards Asami. After Korra's suspicions were proven to be true, he comforted the distraught Asami at the Avatar's urging.

The trio were subsequently arrested by Republic City Councilman Tarrlok, who wanted to use them as leverage against Korra. During the crisis, Mako was very open about his feelings for Korra in front of Asami, leading to friction between the two of them. This was exacerbated when Asami found out about Mako and Korra's earlier kiss. Shortly, Mako and Korra later discovered that Amon, the leader of the Equalists, was a powerful bender and not the non-bender he claimed to be.

They eventually exposed Amon, ending the revolution, but in the process Korra lost much of her bending. When Korra traveled to the South Pole to receive treatment from Katara, Mako accompanied her confessing his love for her while there. After Korra bending was restored by Aang, the two of them embraced and kissed, with Korra admitting her love for Mako. When a cultural center associated with the Southern Water Tribe was bombed, most suspected that the Northern Water Tribe was involved.

However, Mako was one of the few who doubted that the Northern Water Tribe was the culprit. This brought him into sharp conflict with Korra, a native of the Southern Water Tribe. Once Mako revealed Korra's plans to ask the United Forces fleet to help the Southern Water Tribe in their civil war with their northern counterparts to the president, Mako and Korra's romantic relationship abruptly ended in a bitter argument.

However, they were double-crossed by the gangsters.

Mako's relationships

During the operation, Asami's company's warehouse was raided, effectively bankrupting her company. While consoling the distraught Asami, Asami kissed Mako. Before he could proceed in his investigation, incriminating evidence concerning the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe center was found in his apartment. Mako was subsequently arrested. To the chagrin of everyone present, Mako failed to remind Korra of their breakup and that he was dating Asami.

This ended Mako's romantic involvement with Asami. After the battle, Korra revealed to Mako that she sensed the two broke up before her encounter with the evil spirit and the two agreed to end their romantic involvement.

Initially they enjoyed limited success as they were able to successfully recruit one person, Kai, a young orphan whose life was not unlike Mako's childhood. The group would successfully liberate the captive airbenders who all agreed to join the Air Nation.

bolin and mako meet korra

In an emotionally poignant moment, Mako elected to give his scarf, which was his murdered father's scarf, to his grandmother, believing his parents would have wanted her to have it. The firebender fared poorly against Ming-Hua and the brothers were captured. After Zaheer murdered the Earth Queen, ushering a period of anarchy in the capital, Zaheer allowed every prisoner to escape except Mako and Bolin.

Zaheer informed the two that they would be freed, but only after they agreed to relay a message to Korra.