Abbott and costello meet the mummy trailer 1999

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abbott and costello meet the mummy trailer 1999

Directed by Charles Lamont, Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy stars the . films featuring the Mummy until 's release of The Mummy. The first mummy horror stories weren't the work of Hollywood producers, or even 19th VIDEO: Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy trailer. Mummies came to life again in in the remake of The Mummy starring Brendan Fraser. Universal's reboot of The Mummy tries to be a lot of things. to the slapstick comedy of Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy, It does have a few sequences that stand out – particularly the plane-crash scene that appears in the film's trailer. reboot of the franchise, this new version of The Mummy is.

Viewers unfamiliar with the original The Mummy might be surprised to learn, then, that Karloff is only wrapped in bandages during this opening sequence. Meanwhile, a woman named Helen begins to feel drawn to Imhotep for reasons beyond her comprehension. Helen prays to the statue of Isis, which causes the Scroll of Thoth to light aflame and results in Imhotep losing his powers. Karloff plays Imhotep as a stately figure with a storied past who stands far above everyone else in the room in a way that is both compelling and eerie.

Imhotep is no killing machine, but we get the sense that the wellbeing of absolutely anyone else in the picture is simply not a concern of his. From beginning to end, The Mummy is an absolute masterpiece, with strong horror set pieces, great characters, striking visuals, and an unforgettable moody atmosphere that lingers long after the final scene.

abbott and costello meet the mummy trailer 1999

This is more of a reboot than a sequel, though, as it features none of the same characters and instead follows a new mummy, Kharis. Universal sure did love to repurpose the same footage whenever possible, and this flashback will end up playing a part in every subsequent sequel. The real villain is a human character, Andoheb, who awakens Kharis so that Kharis can guard the tomb of Princess Ananka, and so the mummy does little more than carrying out the orders of Andoheb here.

At first only the mummy's owners and a few friends were present at these gatherings, but then larger groups viewed the unrollings. Blumenbach found that many of the mummies that had been sent back to Europe were fakes sold to travelers by unscrupulous antiques dealers in Egypt. In Thomas Pettigrew, who became the most famous of the unrollers, purchased a mummy in an auction for 23 British pounds.

He'd already unrolled one mummy more than ten years before for a friend.

abbott and costello meet the mummy trailer 1999

The one he bought he took to the lecture hall of Charing Cross Hospital where Pettigrew was an anatomy professor. There was a full house the night Pettigrew did the unwrapping and soon unwrappings became a full-fledged fad.

Egypt fascinated the English and the mummy unrollings became social events. Pettigrew was soon unwrapping to standing-room only crowds in such places as the lecture hall of the Royal Institute.

The Mummies of the 'Mummy' Franchise, Ranked

In Pettigrew gave a 6 lecture course of Egyptian Antiquities culminating in the unwrapping of an actual mummy. Front seats were sold for a guinea, back seats for half a guinea. An advertisement for a mummy unrolling. By the end of his illustrious mummy unrolling career, Pettigrew had unwrapped dozens of mummies.

Despite the showmanship involved, Pettigrew was a careful observer and added much to the scholarly study of mummies not something every unroller could claim. His final performance was not to unroll a mummy, but do quite the opposite.

Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy

In accordance with the wishes of the Duke of Hamilton, he turned the Duke into a mummy upon the Duke's death. It was during the unwrapping fad of the 19th century that the first mummy novel appeared. In Theophile Gautier wrote Romance of a Mummy. The Mummy himself had transformed into a humanoid monster more resembling a deranged killer rather than a mysterious and cunning creature dating back thousands of years.

This time around, instead of being a horror film, this Mummy movie is a comedy that spoofs the entire Mummy franchise. While at the Cafe Bagdad, they, and several other people, happen to overhear Dr.

Patterson focuses on the fact that Zoomer needs a couple of men to help escort the mummy back to America.

abbott and costello meet the mummy trailer 1999

He has his own plans for dealing with this information. Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy — c Universal Pictures When two thieves also overhear this news about the mummy, Madame Rontru Marie Windsor instructs him and his companion out to retrieve the mummy, curse or no curse. The two Followers of Klaris find Dr.

abbott and costello meet the mummy trailer 1999

Zoomer inside of his office and they kill him. They then locate the mummy Klaris Eddie Parker who is still very much alive. The two of them decide to go around and look for clues, and Franklin runs into the mummy Klaris.

Movie Review – Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (1955)

However, before Patterson can take a look at the mummy, the two Followers of Klaris have removed the mummy and his sarcophagus completely. After that Franklin discovers the dead body of Dr. Zoomer, but again, the two Followers of Klaris keep moving the body until Patterson finally sees it himself.

Patterson decides that they need to call the police and report the murder of Dr. He instructs Franklin to take a few pictures of the dead man should his body disappear before the police arrive at the office.

Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy () - IMDb

They then leave the office and talk about the photos, but the two thieves over them and mistakenly think that they are talking about shooting and killing the professor. The photos are then given to a young boy who runs them to the police station.

The Followers think that the medallion still might be in Dr. When they run off to look for it, Semu proceeds to give Klaris a special potion. Now the two of them are on the run to hunt for the real murderer and to clear their names of the crime.

abbott and costello meet the mummy trailer 1999

When the police come looking for Patterson and Franklin, the two Americans run and hide in a local bazaar. They pose as snake charmers to fool the policemen. Inside of a small statue Franklin discovers a hidden medallion. Just then Madame Rontru she had been posing as a statue inside of the office calls for the Followers to grab Patterson and Franklin.