Abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers from twilight

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abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers from twilight

ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE INVISIBLE MAN () - Blu-Ray · ABBOTT AND The pesky fellow that they met at the end of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN! Also stars Nancy Extras: two versions of the film, 45 minutes of rare outtakes, trailer, etc., etc. .. Limited edition Twilight Time Blu-Ray!. Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein () .. Meanwhile, there's a lot of extra business going on with a glowery Twilight-before-Twilight love . or a tight production schedule that let a lot of bloopers make it on the air. The latest in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga hits the market, iconic Dracula role for laughs in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, and such The DVD and blu-ray editions compile a number of outtakes and a gag reel.

The plot, such as it is, centers on a battle pitting European aesthete vampires against tough American mobster vampires in an attempt to gain exclusive control of the Vampisol formula—not to protect their power, but to protect their line of artificial indoor beaches, which will go bankrupt if vamps can just cruise to Acapulco instead. Drinking blood is boring and passe, he suggests. Yes, the dumb-ass, sex-obsessed teenager begins acting for all the world like a vampire, even winning a costume contest at a school dance for his uncanny imitation of the undead.

That almost qualifies as impressive. Anyone showing up to see vampire action no doubt walked away severely disappointed. Another requisite s touch: Oingo Boingo on the soundtrack.

He torments his secretary Maria Conchita Alonso about a misfiled contract, dons a pair of plastic vampire teeth he lacks the cash for a better setand turns an upturned couch into a makeshift coffin. For this, he taxis all the way from Manhattan to Queens to drag his terrified secretary back to work, incredulously recites the alphabetand stalks the city like a creature of the night. In turning generic male aggression into something uncommon and supernatural, Minion blows it up big enough to let viewers to recoil at its comic grotesquerie.

The Vampire In Retreat Sundown: The Vampire In Retreat is one of those films where everyone on set seems to have gotten different instructions. David Carradine plays elder vampire Count Mardulak with a dignity suitable to Christopher Lee in a Hammer horror film.

The film is much too campy to just be a failed drama: Monty opens the film in novelty shades and a giant straw sombrero, ripping the head off a random asshole who offends him, then awkwardly hiding the dripping head behind his back as he directs newcomers David Meltzer and Sarah Brittany into town.

The Vampire In Retreat, and not all of it is comedy. But virtually all of it is laughable. The script was heavily altered, making it even easier to pick out the genuine Whedon bits amid all the junk. Together, the three of them take on a series of slow-moving, bat-like vampires born of local vampire king Lothos Rutger Hauer and his acolyte Amilyn Paul Reubens. Dead And Loving It is a tiresome, unfunny, unoriginal spoof of a genre film.

In this particular case, Brooks lampoons the classic Dracula, which starred the unmatched Bela Lugosi as the Transylvanian vampire. As it stands, Dracula: His bland yearning for her pulls the misbegotten film unmistakably in the direction of mopey romance. Oh, and lots of hitting: Instead of heading for the hills asap, the survivors risk their lives, again, to rescue the girl. The aura of dread that pervades nearly every second of Trauma is tough to take.

The Artsploitation release looks even more sinister in Blu-ray. It describes an actual plan, devised by the Nazis, to use Jewish prisoners skilled in engraving and forgery to produce enormous amounts of authentic-looking British and American currency.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers from twilight

They intended to dump the impeccably forged dollars and pound notes into the revenue streams of Allied countries to undermine their economies. The variation in Patient Zero is the nature of the epidemic, which is a viral super-strain of rabies that turns human beings into, well, zombie-like creatures with an appetite for flesh and blood.

Uninfected soldiers hunt packs of the adrenaline-fueled creatures, searching for the first person to have contacted and spread the virus. Researchers have narrowed the first incidence down to a Halloween night in Saint Paul, Minnesota, a moment that the two of the captured victims, at least, seem to share. We know this because, after being bitten, medical investigator Morgan Matt Smith realizes he is asymptomatic and can communicate with the infected prisoners.

An infected prisoner played by Stanley Tucci, of all people, can do better than that, however. Natalie Dormer, who remains uncharacteristically clothed throughout Patient Zero, play the obligatory British scientist, Dr.

House on Haunted Hill: Blu-ray From the aptly branded Scream Factory comes a triple-feature of golden oldies — or, if one prefers, moldy oldies — suited for Halloween viewing. The odds against any of them collecting the money are pretty slim.

The cold, hard stats of vampire comedies

King even starred in one of the segments. Ed Harris and Carrie Nye also appear. Marshall, as an ultra-rich businessman who gets his comeuppance, via unusually large, imported cockroaches.

The brilliantly illustrated 4K remaster, was sourced from the original camera negative, with color correction supervised and approved by director of photography Michael Gornick. Even so, it won several awards in genre competition and stands up reasonably well, today. As the title suggests, all five of the interrelated segments take place in the same neighborhood on Halloween night. It kicks off with a segment in which a high school principal Dylan Baker moonlights as a masked serial killer.

Anna Paquin plays a college-age virgin, whose search for a lover takes a gruesome turn. A group of teens carries out a cruel prank with disastrous consequences, while a cantankerous hermit Brian Cox battles a mischievous trick-or-treating demon. Blu-ray Blood and Black Lace: Blu-ray Deadbeat at Dawn: The newly released Arrow Blu-ray edition re-stores the movie — a.

Somehow, the killer discovers their hiding place and follows them there. VCI Entertainment has come back with an edition in the wider aspect and a different bonus package, highlighted by separate commentary tracks from Kat Ellinger — who avoids repeating observations made in the edition — and David Del Valle and C.

In a nutshell, the story follows a vicious killer, who stalks and murders the elegant models of the popular Christian Haute Couture fashion house, in Rome. The owner of the house, the affluent widow Contessa Cristina Como Eva Bartokattempts to maintain order, but after the body of the first victim, Isabella Francesca Ungarois discovered, everyone panics.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein () - Goofs - IMDb

The experienced Inspector Silvester Thomas Reiner begins sniffing around and realizes that, in addition to selling designer clothes, the house may have provided a distribution point for drugs. Van Bebber finished Deadbeat at Dawn inafter he dropped out of film school and used the leftover money to purchase film stock.

An excellent prep wrestler, the Ohio native also became proficient in the martial arts, which would come in handy when he made Deadbeat at Dawn. Today, gang wars are fought with automatic weapons, usually from the cowardly shelter of a moving car. The hoodlums in Deadbeat at Dawn engage in old-fashioned knife fights and mano-a-mano combat with fists, kicks and karate chops. Van Bebber plays Goose, the leader of the Ravens, who are mortal enemies of the Spiders.

The film was shot in Dayton, but it could have been set in any Rust Belt city.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers from twilight

Instead, they viciously murder his girlfriend, a senseless act that triggers another cycle of violence … this one disguised as a truce.

After merging to pull off an armored-car heist, the Spiders ambush the Ravens, with the intention of wiping them out. Goose susses out the betrayal, but not before most of his comrades are wiped out. This leads to a battle royal that spreads into a railroad yard.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers from twilight

The 2K restoration enhances the quality of the 16mm original beyond anything Van Bebber could have dreamed, 30 years ago. It was a dandy. In it, a sleazy museum curator, Rico Stephen Leesteals dinosaur eggs from tribe living in a rain forest, and brings them back to California. Frank Brett Cullen is an archeologist and single parent, who ekes out a living by growing grapes and selling fossils from his farm to the museum.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers from twilight

Snake Outta Compton Schlock: The obvious nod here is to Snakes on a Planea film whose most memorable moment comes when Samuel L. Naturally, the experiment works, turning a finger-length creature into a monster, able to climb tall buildings and devour humans with a snap of its jaws.

Somehow, the musicians get it into their collective noggins that they can score a record deal, if they can rid Compton of the beast. Virtually the same package is now available through normal channels, via Arrow Video. In it, the mighty prehistoric ape, Schlocktropus, has emerged from hiding to embark on a full-scale rampage across a quiet southern Californian suburb. The police are baffled … the army is powerless … the body count is rising.

But when Schlocktropus encounters a kindly blind woman Eliza Garrettwho sees beyond his grotesque visage — perhaps in a homage to Frankenstein — the homicidal ape is presented with a chance at redemption.